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Business View Magazine - August 2016 125
pretty significant investments in the last six months,”
Hennie says. “Two software packages – one is a 3D
modeling and animation software package that allows
us to develop our designs in a 3D model and to simu-
late the operations for the customer. I think that’s very
significant in helping the customer understand the so-
lutions that we’re providing; enabling them to see what
the results are and how the operation will actually
function. The second software package is an inventory
modeling software package that will allow us to take a
customer’s inventory data and then, through the soft-
ware, generate the recommended storage equipment
type based on several criteria that we input. That crite-
ria can be how fast or often the item moves, or certain
physical characteristics of the item.”
For its part, MH Equipment recently rolled out a new
fleet management program with its own proprietary
software. “We take a customer’s fleet and add all of
their equipment information into our software program
and then we’ll manage their fleet from that program,
letting them know when their service is due, if there’s
been any operator abuse, etc.,” Dahlhauser says. “It’s
a very robust system that can also work in conjunction
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