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124 Business View Magazine - August 2016
provides, but also the lift
truck part of an operation that typically is needed in a
distribution center.”
Dannelle Dahlhauser, Director of Marketing and Sales
Support for MH Equipment, agrees. “A good portion of
MH Equipment’s customer base is looking for facility
solutions such as that offered by Elite; and with forklift
services being MH’s primary offering, we are a natu-
ral fit,” she says. “Anything that needs to move people
or product – we have a variety of material handling
equipment, forklifts being our primary line.” Scott re-
marks upon the strength of working in tandem from
a marketing perspective. “There are only a handful of
organizations that have both capabilities under one
umbrella,” he states. “So, if our clients are looking to
have a single source supplier, those sources are very
limited. Within our market footprint, there are geo-
graphic areas where we are the only ones that can
provide that level of value.”
Hennie goes on to cite an example of the kind of syn-
ergy of which this dynamic duo is capable: “In the lift
truck marketplace, there’s been a shift from what has
historically been classified as ‘sit down/fossil fuel type
trucks, to ‘stand up/electric trucks. Historically, MH
Equipment has been very strong in the sit down/fos-
sil fuel type,” he begins. “Why that’s significant is that
the world that Elite plays in - the warehousing, distribu-
tion, and order fulfillment world – is very much a major
user of these stand up/electric type trucks. So, that
creates an opportunity for MH Equipment to work with
Elite and generate the applications and the opportuni-
ties to bring that product to the marketplace.”
While working together to serve that same market-
place, both companies are also continuing to expand
and innovate own their own. “We’ve made a couple of
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