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equipment that stores and moves product within a
warehouse and distribution center and the software
that goes along with it.”
Hennie says that a typical client for Elite is any com-
pany that is involved in warehousing, distribution, or
order fulfillment. “And within that industry, the market
segments are food and beverage, pharmaceuticals,
retail, automotive aftermarket, pet supplies – essen-
tially anything in the supply chain is a potential client
of ours,” he says. “We will work with clients from a fa-
cility that is anywhere from 50,000 square feet to two
million square feet. Our customers range from family-
owned entities in the $20 million revenue range to For-
tune 500 companies traded on the stock exchange.”
So the benefit for MH Equipment in this partnership
is to be better able, now, to penetrate Elite’s client
base by supplying the lift trucks – the machinery that
lifts and moves product – to the same customers that
have benefitted from Elite’s integrated solutions. “MH
Equipment was looking to expand its core business
and thought this might be one opportunity to create
that expansion,” Hennie says. “So they purchased Elite
and made it part of their business offering to comple-
ment the lift truck side.”
Of course, Elite can likewise benefit from MH Equip-
ment’s current and potential clients who are located
across 30 company locations in eight regions and
across several states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky,
Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylva-
nia, and West Virginia. “Part of the business model for
Elite,” says Hennie, “is to take existing relationships
that MH Equipment has with their clients and have MH
Equipment introduce them . . . and vice versa.”
After two years, it appears that the union is a strong
one and that this partnership was truly made in cor-
porate heaven. “It brings a total, turnkey solution to
our customers,” Hennie exults. “Not only the storage
and the inventory movement equipment that Elite
Elite Supply Chain Solutions & MH Equipment
Elite Supply Chain Solutions is a design
build company for the order fulfillment industry;
MH Equipment is a material handling service pro-
Elite Supply – Hudson, Ohio; MH Equip-
ment – Headquarters in Chillicothe, Illinois
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