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106 Business View Magazine - August 2016
exhibit space and meeting rooms. So, we have to solve
where we’re going to park the people that are coming
to the facility if we take the parking lot to expand it,” he
says. “There is also some possibility of cantileving the
facility over the street, which would be something that
we would like to explore. The parking lot and over the
street are the only two places that we have.”
Stone adds that he would also like the CMCC to con-
nect with the neighboring Colonial Center, which is the
venue for the University of South Carolina’s basketball
team. “I think the University is open to that and I think
we can come up with a win-win situation in that re-
spect. We do have shows that come in that use both of
the facilities, so we are already working together and I
feel like we’re pretty good friends. So, maybe down the
road, we can make a deal that will work for everybody.”
Meanwhile, the CMCC continues to improve its existing
physical plant. It was organizationally structured to set
aside a certain amount of funding each year for tech-
nology, furniture, and equipment upgrades in order to
keep the 12 year-old building fresh and attractive. Re-
cently, the facility replaced all of its carpeting; replaced
all of its lounge furniture with new modern pieces,
some with built-in charging stations; added interactive
touch screen digital way-finding signage at entrances,
along with flat screens outside of every room to list
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