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March 4, 2024

BELFOR Franchise Group

A Journey of Unified Franchise Growth


Cohesive multi-brand management is the key to success

From inception to expansion, becoming a thriving franchise requires a delicate blend of strategic decisions, cultural cohesion, and unwavering commitment to the brand. Prosperous franchising is about fostering relationships, forging connections, and ensuring every link in the chain succeeds.

Farsighted leadership is pivotal, and a clear, innovative strategy sets the trajectory, while transparent communication and an inclusive culture sustain the collective spirit. It’s best to create an environment where each franchisee feels not just part of a network but an integral contributor to a shared success story.

From meticulous training programs that instill brand ethos to personalized support for every franchisee, support at the local level is what propels growth. That means coordinated marketing efforts bolstered by robust technology to ensure a consistent brand presence while building trust through active community participation.

BELFOR Franchise Group has become a prime example of what this kind of excellent conduct can create. The company exists as a vibrant tapestry of thriving franchises, all tethered to the large corporate entity.

Its current network stands as a testament to the power of collaborative growth, where every franchisee is not just a business owner but an ambassador of shared company values. In the vibrant world of franchise development, BELFOR Franchise Group stands as a beacon of triumph, orchestrating a symphony of brands under its umbrella.


A Franchise Model Rooted in Values

The BELFOR Franchise Group is an intricately connected network of 15 brands that all operate as franchises under the BELFOR Corporation, the non-franchise parent company.

With brands like 1-800 WATER DAMAGE, Chem-Dry, HOODZ, and Blue Kangaroo Packoutz, BELFOR currently stands as a giant within the property restoration and maintenance industries.

The company started with its first brand in 2007 and experienced tremendous growth as soon as it started.  In 2008, when the country’s economy went through a rough patch, BELFOR had done well enough to remain on track with its goals despite the adverse conditions of the market.

The essence of BELFOR’s success lies not just in profit margins but in a deep-rooted commitment to values. The brand cherishes community-driven atmospheres where every member, from leadership to local franchisees, is considered essential.

Even in its branding and marketing efforts, BELFOR’s style leans heavily on face-to-face interactions.

“We still believe in the old-fashioned way of marketing, and that is building relationships… so we certainly encourage people to get involved with their communities… and we still believe in going out and knocking on doors to introduce ourselves to potential clients,” says BELFOR Franchise Group President Rusty Amarante.

Interpersonal communication is a big part of  BELFOR’s culture, as the franchise group skillfully deploys a combination of boots-on-the-ground outreach and word-of-mouth to grow its reputation and visibility.

At the heart of the brand lies confidence in the core teachings of the franchise model. The company strongly encourages its franchisees to first learn how to properly execute the services of the franchise they’ve purchased before doing anything else.

“We would rather see our franchisees provide two or three services exceptionally than provide five or six services poorly,” Amarante says, explaining that this rule is meant to prevent distractions and keep owners aligned with their ultimate goal of running a successful business.

Managing Multiple Brands with a Unified Vision

Navigating a vast network of 14 brands across offices in 55 countries, BELFOR Franchise Group exemplifies the delicate balance between diversity and unity.  Each brand serves a unique purpose that can also exist as part of a larger collaborative outcome.

The interconnectedness of the brands becomes a powerful asset, increasing the company’s range and scale of operations for which it can provide services. In short, the diversity of brands makes BELFOR the perfect company to call for something as minor as carpet cleaning to something as major as an entire home renovation.

Every single one of the BELFOR brands has a built-in parent that can provide resources and referrals.

Through conducting normal business as well as hosting various events like local dinners and similar gatherings, BELFOR’s main brand has managed to create a vast network that can provide a reliable stream of referral work to its franchises.

Vice President of Franchise Development Ken Osness explains the perception of the larger BELFOR brand and how it can seem like the father brand to the rest of the franchises.

“[BELFOR] has a tremendous knowledge base and is well known in the insurance world. It’s a worldwide, multibillion-dollar company in the property restoration space, and even though it’s not a franchise, the brand itself is able to connect us in local markets with key people who can provide tremendous resources for us,” Osness explains.

To supplement this network, BELFOR also provides its franchisees with in-depth training via the BELFOR University System. In addition to being the platform that handles the initial training and onboarding process, there are also thousands of training videos available for any franchise owner to use.

Even the franchise owners themselves must also possess the characteristics that fit within the larger vision of the type of business that BELFOR USA Group conducts.

“It’s important that we get the right people so that they can work together and help each other. So that they’re not destructive to the overall brand and their sister franchises,” Amarante says, explaining that, ultimately, all of these standards and systems exist so that the energy at BELFOR goes towards working together.

And naturally, that tends to attract a certain kind of individual to the company. “Because most of our businesses are service-oriented, you have to have a personality where you like to help people,” Amarante says, underscoring the importance of selecting franchisees who align with the brand’s culture.

The success of BELFOR’s franchise model is deeply intertwined with the people who make up the network, and this people-first philosophy is what allows the company to select franchisees with care.

The emphasis is on individuals who not only possess the necessary business acumen but also exhibit a passion for helping others. BELFOR doesn’t merely seek franchisees; they seek the kind of people that anyone would feel comfortable inviting to a family dinner — morally sound and pleasant individuals.


Acquisitions, Growth, and Continued Customer Satisfaction

BELFOR’s people-first philosophy can also be observed within the rankings and recognitions that its many franchises receive.

“Out of the 14 brands that we have, seven or eight are recognized as number one in their category,” Osness says. The company’s emphasis on interpersonal qualities and relationships has resulted in a culture of work done by individuals who really care about what they do.

Chem-Dry, The Patch Boys, and HOODZ are all front-running names that come to mind when mentioning BELFOR franchises that rank at number one in their industry. These brands are also routinely recognized and highly ranked within Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 List.

In fact, according to Osness, one of BELFOR’s top franchises, 1-800 WATER DAMAGE has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores out of all the BELFOR brands, consistently scoring around a 4.9 to 5.0 on the scale.

As the BELFOR Franchise Group steps into 2024, the company has already outlined two primary goals: to expand its newly acquired brands and to add more to its portfolio.

The goal isn’t just about quantity but quality, ensuring that each addition aligns with the brand’s ethos. For a franchise that is as heavily concerned with quality of character as it is with quality of service, maintaining that brand alignment will yield strong long-term advantages to its already very personalized word-of-mouth marketing method.

It will undoubtedly go through every length to keep its high customer satisfaction scores, simply as a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence.

In the vast and competitive landscape of franchising, the BELFOR Franchise Group stands tall, not just as a business conglomerate but as a community builder. Their journey is a testament to the power of genuine connections, adaptability, and a relentless commitment to fostering success at every level.


Belfor Franchise Group

What: A dynamic network of 14 franchises operating under the Belfor Corporation.

Belfor USA Group exemplifies the essence of unified franchise growth. With a focus on values, community-driven engagement, and interconnected brand management, the group stands as a beacon of success in the property restoration and maintenance industries. From Chem-Dry to 1-800 WATER DAMAGE, each franchise operates as an ambassador of shared company values, creating a vibrant tapestry of collaborative growth.

Where: Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan – Operating in 55 Countries



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