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March 4, 2024

Anchored Tiny Homes

A Winning Family Franchise


Extensive franchisee support and family values secure market dominance for this leading accessory unit builder

For any company that builds compact home units, success depends on its ability to produce a high-quality product while providing streamlined and practical service.

Simply put, there must be a delicate balance of innovation, customer-centricity, and operational excellence. Victory isn’t solely achieved through grand endeavors; it’s nurtured through the smallest of details.

At the pinnacle of development lies a commitment to craftsmanship, where every structure is not just a dwelling but a testament to quality and ingenuity.

Over the years, a handful of companies have managed to execute all that is required to experience continued company growth, but one name stands apart from the competition.

In the dynamic world of tiny home manufacturing, Anchored Tiny Homes emerges as a beacon of triumph, blending innovation with a deep-rooted family ethos.

Founded in 2019 by the trio of a father and his two sons, the company embarked on a remarkable journey, driven by a keen eye for market demand and a legacy of construction expertise.

The company operates as a franchise specializing in manufacturing detached accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and garage conversions. From meticulous design to flawless execution, each of the franchise’s projects embodies its brand ethos of excellence, setting the highest standards for other companies in the industry.

The franchise has embraced technological advancements and actively leverages digital platforms to amplify reach and streamline its processes, paving the way for seamless expansion and scalability.

However, even with its contemporary approach, the franchise still makes sure that every interaction with customers radiates warmth, professionalism, and a genuine desire to exceed expectations.

This organization measures its wins not just in numbers but in the lives touched and transformed by its home units.  At this point, the name Anchored Tiny Homes has become synonymous with reliability, innovation, and unwavering commitment to client fulfillment.

As the brand flourishes, it envisions a landscape dotted with happy homeowners, each living their dream in a meticulously crafted ADU—a testament to the brand’s enduring legacy of excellence and craftsmanship.

A Franchise Started from Home

According to Franchise CEO Colton Paulhus, Anchored Tiny Homes has always been a family business, with Paulhus, his brother, and his father being the three majority equity owners.

The company initially set sail in the burgeoning market of tiny homes on wheels.

Paulhus himself recognized that there was a soaring demand for these kinds of units, so the founders swiftly moved to cater to this niche, leveraging their collective experience in general contracting.

Within months, the response was overwhelming, with the first two tiny home sales marking the dawn of a promising venture at the end of 2019. This continued into the next year, resulting in approximately $6 million in sales in 2020.

However, after that initial run came a shift in the market that the trio made sure to capitalize on. “California passed a statewide law… every residential lot in the state had to approve of ADUs. The cities and counties couldn’t deny them anymore. So we just felt like the smartest thing to do was pivot to ADUs,” Paulhus explains.

With California’s landmark legislation opening doors for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), the company swiftly adapted, recognizing the strategic imperative.

The transition proved pivotal, propelling the brand to unprecedented growth, surpassing milestones with each passing year. “The rest is history,” Paulhus begins, “In 2021, we made $17 million, then in 2022, we made $49 million, and then last year, we broke $100 million in system-wide sales and sold over 500 ADUs across all of our locations.”

With its humble family beginnings, Anchored Tiny Homes has made one thing abundantly clear throughout the years: it has certainly found the corner of the market in which it performs best.


Empowering Franchisees With A Robust Support System

Even with such strong company performance, it wouldn’t be accurate to say that strategic, high-level reactions to the market are the only thing the franchise has going for itself.

Much of the revenue generated by franchisees can also be attributed to the company’s stellar support system for its franchisees. The company’s onboarding structure is quite thorough and straightforward, involving both intensive and ongoing supplemental training.

Franchisees start by flying out to the company’s HQ in Sacramento for 3 days of comprehensive training, where they are walked through all of the marketing, sales, pre-construction, and construction processes.

After that, the franchise has a staff of Field Operations Managers who act as field support, visiting franchisees across the country several times a year. This is the portion of the training where Field Op Managers meet with franchisees, teach them the business, and walk them through the finer details and systems.

Paulhus puts it simply, saying, “We basically have coaches we’ve hired to support our franchisees and teach them how to build their businesses.”

With this structure alone, it’s easy to see that central to Anchored Tiny Homes’ success is its unwavering commitment to franchisee empowerment.

The onboarding process is meticulously crafted. Furthermore, a dedicated field support team ensures ongoing guidance, fostering a culture of continuous learning and refinement.

However, before any of this begins, the prospective franchisee must meet certain financial and character requirements to be brought on board.

The start-up costs for a single territory range from anywhere between $120,000 to $180,000, but beyond the financials, what the franchise is really looking for in an ideal franchisee is a coachable individual with a strong background in sales.

“We’re looking for [people] who can follow a system and want us to teach them and train them… we are looking for great salespeople,” Paulhus says, explaining that because the company has such a strong system behind its operations, what it wants most are individuals who are willing to immerse themselves and can adopt that system as thoroughly as possible.

Because of this emphasis on systems, as a franchise, Anchored Tiny Homes tends to appeal and synergize well with individuals who come from a structured military background.

Despite them not having much sales experience, such individuals usually have great leadership qualities. Because of this alignment, the company offers veterans a special 5% discount on its franchise fee.

All of this is for good reason, as Anchored Tiny Homes primarily identifies as a mission-driven brand and will not settle for someone who is just looking for profits.

“We’re very mission-focused on solving the housing crisis. We’re not just another homebuilder or just another business trying to scale with no intent behind why,” Paulhus states.

Anchored Tiny Homes has mastered the ability to market itself and generate leads at a low cost. Its marketing support team handles everything from lead generation to appointment setting for its franchisees. So, in reality, franchisees are already being plugged into a fully operational pipeline. At that point, the quality and character of the individuals plugged into that pipeline become of the utmost importance.

This overarching purpose infuses every aspect of the brand, resonating with franchisees and customers alike. Anchored Tiny Homes isn’t merely a builder; it’s a catalyst for change, driven by a passion to make a meaningful impact on communities nationwide.


Leveraging Technology and New Structures for Growth

In addition to its refined operations and thorough franchisee onboarding and vetting, the last component of Anchored Tiny Homes’ growth revolves around its ability to integrate technology and leverage strategic partnerships into its business.

Embracing the digital landscape, Anchored Tiny Homes leverages cutting-edge platforms like Go High Level to amplify marketing efforts and streamline operations.

By harnessing artificial intelligence and automation, the company optimizes lead generation, empowering franchisees to focus on what they do best – delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Anchored Tiny Homes has also recently forged a national partnership with Franchise Fast Lane, the #1 franchise sales organization in the country, to aid the company in maintaining its position as the foremost ADU builder in the country.

With a vision of 200 successful franchise owners and over a billion dollars in system-wide sales, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to growth, innovation, and, above all, preserving its cherished family values.

Beyond the growth, the accolades, and the milestones, the Anchored Tiny Homes pledge is that it will remain true to its roots as a close-knit family business.

This is why the company is also currently building out a potential segway into the up-and-coming ESOP structure that has proven to be extremely successful with culturally cohesive brands like Anchored Tiny Homes.

Anchored Tiny Homes isn’t just a brand; it’s a promise – a promise to uphold integrity, foster community, and navigate the waters of franchise entrepreneurship with unwavering dedication.

In the vast expanse of the tiny home industry, Anchored Tiny Homes stands as a testament to innovation, resilience, and the timeless values of family.

As the brand continues to move towards new horizons, one thing remains certain – the journey is far from over, and the best is yet to come.


Anchored Tiny Homes

What: A leading franchise specializing in manufacturing detached accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and garage conversions.

Where: Headquartered in Sacramento, CA – Operating across multiple locations nationwide.



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