True REST Float Spa

March 4, 2024

True REST Float Spa

An Unparalleled Sensory Experience


Innovative pod technology and a straightforward franchise model unlock the potential of float therapy

For players in the corner of the wellness industry occupied by spas and similar services, standing out isn’t just a matter of quality; it’s also a matter of purpose.

Simply put, clients of the most engaged spa brands usually have a strong reason as to why they feel the need for spa services.

Success is usually contingent on a brand’s ability to innovate and retain operational excellence while maintaining its client-centric focus.

When executed correctly, it creates a state-of-the-art institution that leverages cutting-edge wellness practices while exuding luxury and rejuvenation from every aspect of its service. It creates a brand that attains loyalty through attentive client care in the backdrop of impressive spa offerings.

There is already an industry practice that embodies both cutting-edge and remedial wellness, as well as a leading franchise that provides it to the public.

This franchise is aptly named True REST Float Spa, and it specializes in float pod sensory deprivation, also known as float therapy. Behind this brand’s rapid development lies an incredible commitment to leveraging technology to provide an unparalleled sensory experience.

Patrons of the franchise’s 48  locations across the country are accustomed to attentive listening and personalized attention to their well-being during sessions.

From the warm welcome at reception to the serene ambiance within each pod, every interaction presents the brand as a sanctuary of relaxation and tranquility, a brand that clients should feel encouraged to build a lasting relationship with.

The True REST Float Spa mission transcends mere profitability; it manifests in the transformative impact on its clients’ lives. Its expanding reach is powered by strategic foresight and a level of operational efficiency that yields profit margins so appealing that the terms “business as usual” and “business is booming” become synonymous with each other.


The Crossroads of Franchise Founding

True REST Float Spa brand bears a multi-faceted origin, tracing its beginning to an encounter between the company’s founders, Nick and Holly Janicki, and Jim Rowe, the Chief Executive Officer.

The Janickis had been well-established within the spa industry for a few years and were already interested enough in expansion. Coincidentally, Jim Rowe, who already had a deep history in the franchising space, was also exploring new franchising concepts to work with.

“My dad has a background in franchising… [he] has been involved with other brands like Help-U-Sell and Dogtopia,” says True REST Float Spa President Mandy Rowe, explaining the original intent to couple her father’s expertise with the Janicki’s spa brand to create a top-quality franchise.

However, the final component that transformed True REST into the technologically savvy spa franchise it is today was inspired by one of Jim’s friends who was a NAVY SEAL.

“The Navy base had float pods that they brought from Europe. They had their seals get into a float pod almost every single day to treat their physical and mental ailments,” Rowe states.

Upon seeing the therapeutic effects of float therapy on people who had gone through some of the harshest experiences, the decision to organize the franchise around the practice was made.

The first franchise location was established in Tempe, Arizona, which Nick and Holly still run. Then, over time, True REST expanded into the nationwide leader in the wellness space we see today.

Simple Operations, Profound Impact

At the heart of True REST’s rapid growth is a commitment to simplicity. With a streamlined operational model characterized by minimal staffing requirements and a focus on client experience, True REST achieves remarkable profitability while delivering transformative wellness benefits.

“We only need one person to be running their business at any given time. So, with just a couple of people on staff… it’s possible to net 52% of the profits,” Rowe explains.

The brand also brought on a former Massage Envy CEO as an Advisory Board member to help pair that simplicity with operational practices that were already developed for franchising on the national scale.

The franchise uses a monthly membership model, generating the majority of its initial leads through complementary, first-time offerings like Groupon specials.

The goal is to encourage patrons to become members, but the brand also has smaller packages and gift certificate options as well. Monthly fees can range between $65 to $300, depending on the frequency at which members express they intend to use the pods.

“Each spa has somewhere between 4 and 8 float pods. Those float pods can service a client for anywhere from one hour to four hours, based on what the client is looking for,” Rowe explains.

The standard session is a 60-minute float where clients experience zero light, sound, or gravity as they are suspended in 10 inches of water containing 1000 pounds of Epsom salt.

True REST also manufactures its float pods. The pods are patented and serviced by an in-house technician team to ensure that they cannot be recreated elsewhere.

Despite handling the bulk of things, True REST also partners with platforms like Boulevard, MindBody, and Salon Clouds to help support its promotional and marketing efforts on the back end.  For phoning and communications, the brand also leverages top brands like TrueLark and Podium.

Regarding regulation and compliance, the biggest partner to True REST operations is Universal Insurance, which works with the brand to help it maintain the General Spa categorization that keeps the insurance coverage for its franchisees at an affordable price point.

A Culture of Franchisee Empowerment

The journey of a True REST franchisee begins with meticulous onboarding and training guided by a comprehensive support system. Pre-onboarding involves a Franchise Disclosure Document that offers full transparency of revenue expectations.

Following that is a nine-month timeline until the official opening. Within the first two months, True REST partners with Windsor Realty to vet potential locations thoroughly and ensure that the franchisee is going into a suitable and sustainable area.

The franchise then plots out all 100+ steps of the process with a powerful cloud-based operations platform called Synuma. There, everything from budget restrictions to vendors can be discussed relative to a mutually visible timeline.

During that timeline is a 12-week franchise site build, which is facilitated and planned with help from the franchisor development team, and a comprehensive set of architectural plans from a company called InterPlan.

After that is pod installation and then a soft launch!

Post-launch, ongoing support is also provided, as True REST has two operational support teams operating on Eastern Standard Time and Pacific Standard Time in addition to its pod technician and maintenance team.

Start-up costs can range depending on the number of pods the spa has, but for the most common 6-Spa location, costs tend to be approximately * $600,000.

The fee covers everything from real estate selection to architectural planning to pod installation. As a way to honor its roots, veterans are allotted a 10% discount on the franchise fee, as well as free float sessions on the 11th of every month.

In fact, veterans find a welcoming embrace within the True REST family,  some of whom end up becoming franchisees themselves.

“The majority of our existing franchisees have come from our existing client pool,” Rowe states, explaining that initially, the franchise had difficulty attracting prospective franchisees via conventional methods like franchise brokers due to the relatively unknown nature of float therapy.

It’s generally true that most of the people out there looking to own a franchise are most comfortable with models for services they’re familiar with.

So, instead of trying to convince someone new to the practice to invest, a sort of pseudo-testimonial-conversion method has proven to be the most beneficial way of acquiring new franchisees.

According to Rowe, “The people running the most passionate businesses within [the] model are the ones who have floated and truly believe in the benefits.”

The typical franchisee prospects are people with business or leadership experience who are in the wellness or corporate spaces and regularly use float therapy. This also includes veterans who regularly float for the therapeutic benefits.

Charting a Future Path to Expansion and Innovative Wellness

As True REST looks to the future, innovation takes center stage, heralding a new era of sensory exploration.

Building upon the foundation of sensory deprivation, by the end of 2024, the franchise plans to expand its services to also include sensory enhancement, which includes things like guided audio, virtual reality experiences, and tailored interventions that promise to revolutionize the wellness landscape.

True REST is also identifying key markets ripe for growth, hoping to secure more working partnerships by developing in cities that are home to professional sports teams, like Dallas and Philadelphia.

As the brand extends its reach, the commitment to simplicity and innovation remains unwavering, promising not to overwhelm franchisees with too much operational diversification, ensuring that each location remains an easily operated sanctuary of serenity and healing.

Looking ahead, True REST Float Spa envisions a future where wellness knows no bounds. By blending simplicity with innovation, the brand seeks to redefine the wellness experience, empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and embrace a life of balance and vitality.

With a steadfast dedication to excellence, True REST Float Spa is certainly floating on cloud 9, as it stands poised to lead the way to a brighter, more rejuvenated tomorrow.

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True REST Float Spa

What: A Spa Franchise offering an incredible client and franchisee experience through innovative pod technology and a straightforward franchise model.

Where: Operating in 48 locations nationwide.



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