Tailored Management/Jobvious – Columbus Ohio

October 2, 2023
Tailored Management-Jobvious - Columbus Ohio

Tailored Management/Jobvious

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Disrupting the Talent and Acquisition Industry with Jobvious, a Groundbreaking New Recruitment Platform

Brad Beach, President and CEO of Tailored Management, a highly accomplished global staffing firm, believes that an investment in people is the best approach to supporting the talent and acquisition industry. He suggests that employee satisfaction will lead to better employee engagement, accountability, buy-in, and ownership, all of which translate into prosperity.

“I’m kind of famous for saying that if we can manage to create an environment where our employees are happy and fulfilled, the rest magically takes care of itself. That has been the case over the last 30 years, where we’ve experienced tremendous growth and a lot of success,” he shares.

Affirming that he is inquisitive by nature, Beach adds, “I’m always questioning the norm, trying to find better ways to recreate the wheel. That is what resulted in the creation of Jobvious, which is the crowdsourcing platform that we have built and are getting ready to release.”

Tailored Management-Jobvious - Columbus Ohio

Transforming an Industry Through Innovation

Described by the company as, “If Uber and LinkedIn fell in love and decided to start a job board together,” Jobvious is a groundbreaking advancement, in an industry that Beach notes is ready for disruption.

It began with the question of why individuals showed a lack of enthusiasm in referring others, despite the provision of a one-time financial incentive. To delve into potential motivating factors, a study was launched.

He elaborates, “We assessed the volume of candidates referred at a referral bonus of $2,500, and the volume referred at a bonus of $5,000. Remarkably, they were the same. So even doubling the bonus was not a compelling argument for people to go out and proactively seek individuals to refer to their employer.”

Digging a little deeper, it became evident that the prospect of earning passive income over an extended period would serve as a strong motivator for employee referrals, a realization that paved the way for the creation of Jobvious.

This new solution was inspired by the Uber model, as Beach acknowledges, “What I liked about Uber was, individuals can get part-time income at their convenience, because they already possessed a car. I took that idea, combined with the information I had from the lack of success in internal referral programs, and developed the concept of Jobvious, which is a crowdsourcing application for contingent labor, empowering the masses to take advantage of their network that already exists, and to present the opportunity for them to earn income off of those networks. We essentially found a way to monetize the network that everyone possesses and has spent their life building.”

Revolutionizing Referrals and Passive Income

Similar to LinkedIn, participants of the Jobvious solution sign up, offering an invitation to their desired network members. A sense of urgency is created by allowing each member to be part of only one network.

“If you do not invite the people that you want in your network immediately, there is a good chance that those individuals will be snatched up by your peers and colleagues because everyone’s social circles interact with one another,” maintains Beach, “You’ve got to be first to get those people into your network. Once they’re in your network, they’re in for good.”

From there, clients submit contract requests and are automatically matched with network members. When a match occurs, a notification is sent to the network manager. Referred applicants undergo client selection, and if hired, the gross profit is evenly shared between Jobvious and the network manager. For instance, if someone gets a job paying $50 per hour and Jobvious bills at $70 per hour, the network manager gets 50% of the gross profit for each hour worked in perpetuity.

“Most contingent labor contracts last anywhere from nine months to two years, where you would receive recurring income every week directly deposited into your account. The gross profit on that scenario would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $320 a week,” Beach relays.

“You can imagine that if you have a network of a couple of hundred people in your pool, there is a great possibility that you could have multiple people out on billing at any given time, earning you anywhere from $300 to $1,000 a week in passive income continuously.”

Tailored Management-Jobvious - Columbus Ohio

A Groundbreaking Concept

This revolutionary concept has been met with much enthusiasm according to Beach, who has spoken to individuals from a wide range of industries, with a very positive response across the board.

“That was the first indicator to me that I was on to something,” he says. “When I would talk about it, I would ask, ‘As I’m going through this workflow with you, by any chance, are you thinking of who you would add to your network?’ 100% of the time the answer has been yes. There is an interest, an enthusiasm, and a buy-in immediately because it’s very easy to operate and wrap your head around.”

The platform offers robust analytics and a comprehensive dashboard for both participants and network managers. It enables tracking of network members, referrals, working hours, expected payments, and pending opportunities. On the client side, the system simplifies engagement and encourages retaining talent by automatically recommending new openings for individuals coming off contract.

“It facilitates the retention of intellectual capital, and the retention of proven assets,” remarks Beach, mentioning that he was surprised to learn that large companies with $400 million contingent labor programs did not already have this capability built-in.

He recounts, “Another very interesting thing is that the majority of companies in the contingent labor world utilize the same tools. We utilize LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed. That only represents 10 to 15% of the viable candidate base, those are the active candidates. The 80 to 85% of the other people that are passive, are never reached out to.”

Jobvious gives clients access to those passive individuals, improving efficiency by eliminating the need for cold calling.

“In Jobvious, they are going to get applicants that have already been vetted in the passive market, who have been referred by a viable source, a person that knows that individual. The candidate is more likely to respond because they’re being referred by someone they know, versus a cold call from a recruiter working at IBM or AT&T or wherever it might be,” says Beach.

“It provides greater success, better utilization, better access to a vast candidate base that has not been accessed before. That is what is exciting to our clients, as well as to the individuals that want to be network leads and participate.”

A proof of concept conducted through an existing client yielded significant success for the Jobvious model, and an additional benefit emerged, showing that referrals made through the platform inherently enhance retention. This is particularly timely given the transient nature of today’s workforce and the rapid surge in contingent labor utilization.

Beach points out that current estimates suggest that around 40% of the workforce operates as contingent, with projections indicating a potential increase to 50% by 2025. This shift is attributed to employers displaying reduced interest in permanent employees due to the associated commitments and liabilities.

“The trend is moving in that direction, and it’s several $100 billion spent just in North America. I estimated that if we captured 5% of the business, that we would be a $20 billion company,” he says.

Launching the Platform

The Jobvious launch strategy is dynamic. A soft launch is set, inviting those who are already on the waiting list to experience the fully functional app. This list is available through the website, www.itsjobvious.com, and through the company’s social media platforms.

“We have a list of 1000s of 1000s of people that are already on that waiting list, and they will be on this first round in different geographic locations across the country,” says CMO Syama Reyes.

Feedback from these early believers is crucial to this stage of the launch.

Afterward, a grand release follows, with a limited-time opportunity for the public to join without an invitation. Following that, anyone who wants to join will require an invite. “Imagine it as a private club with the founding members, and then after that only whoever is invited by someone that’s already in the club can join,” Reyes portrays.

Beach admits he is excited to revolutionize the industry and break the monopoly currently held by other platforms, noting that there is a serious gap in the market. To empower individuals to become entrepreneurs and expand their income opportunities beyond traditional careers, he says the potential is immense.

“People are hungry for opportunity in ways outside of their traditional career. In my mind, this allows everybody in the country to become their entrepreneur and have greater control over their ability to make income and not be simply subjected to the opportunities that exist at their current employer. It’s accessible to everyone.”

“It requires no investment. It requires no advanced degrees. It requires you to be a good person with a good network that people trust. That’s it.”

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Tailored Management/Jobvious

What: A dynamic recruitment and referral platform which is expected to revolutionize the industry

Where: Columbus Ohio

Website: www.itsjobvious.com


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