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April 29, 2024

Norwalk Transit

50 Years Strong and En Route for Many More


Dedicated to servicing the transportation needs of the community for over half a century

In September 2023, the Norwalk Transit District (NTD) in Connecticut marked a major milestone, celebrating 50 years of dedicated service to the community. This golden anniversary commemorates half a century of unwavering commitment to mobility, with an impressive 1,242,215 revenue miles driven in 2023.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Matt Pentz, and Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling led the festivities, with the event featuring a prominent local congressional delegation and former NTD CEO Lou Schulman.

The celebration was highlighted by an Official Citation from the State of Connecticut General Assembly, presented by State Senators Bob Duff and Maher, and State Representatives Tracy Marra and Dominique Johnson. The citation recognized Norwalk’s “Momentous Occasion of Your 50th Anniversary Of Providing Valuable Transportation Options to Norwalk And Surrounding Communities.”

The Norwalk Transit System’s journey began in 1978, stepping in to fill the void left by the Connecticut Company. Over the years, it has become a model of efficiency, extending services beyond municipal borders, and offering door-to-door services for those with specialized transportation needs.

Despite facing challenges, the NTD has evolved, maintaining the pulse-point system at the heart of Norwalk’s transit network, and continuing to adapt to changing needs.

Surpassing Ridership Records

Public transit ridership in the United States has experienced fluctuations over the years. During the pandemic, ridership plummeted, but as vaccination rates increased and restrictions eased, there has been a gradual recovery.

As of July 2021, national urban transit ridership reached 40.5% of the pre-pandemic levels from January 2019. The availability of vaccines contributed to this sustained increase, with ridership rising from 42% in April to 53% in July 2021.

Established in 1974, Norwalk Transit operates bus routes serving the city and surrounding communities. The daily ridership averages 1 million on the fixed-route system. Notably, on September 22, 2022, Norwalk achieved its highest single-day ridership of 1,275,844 passengers. Additionally, in October 2022, the district surpassed an impressive milestone by serving over 33 billion riders since its start in 1921.

While national ridership trends continue to recover, the Norwalk Transit District remains a vital lifeline for commuters and residents in the region. Pentz’s commitment to providing accessible and reliable transit services contributes to residents’ overall mobility and well-being.

Balancing safety, convenience, and sustainability will remain essential in shaping the future of public transportation.


En Route with Coastal Link, Wheels 2U, and Shuttles

Partnering with Greater Bridgeport and Milford Transits, Norwalk offers a comprehensive network with ten fixed bus routes within the Coastal Link (CL) regional route. These services are extended during evenings and weekends for added convenience.

Commuter shuttles, timed with Metro-North trains, provide efficient travel to and from work between Greenwich, Norwalk, Westport, and Wilton stations. On weekends and evenings, local shuttles travel to popular destinations, enhancing access to vibrant dining, entertainment, and retail offerings, as well as scenic spots like Calf Pasture Beach and Norwalk Cove Marina.

Rowayton features a dedicated drop-off and pickup area, offering hassle-free transportation to shopping, social gatherings, and beachside leisure without parking worries. The Wheels 2U service, updated on March 26, now presents the best public transit options at any given time, including door-to-door pickups and drop-offs, with expanded service hours seven days a week.

Fares are affordable at $2 per ride or $6 for groups of 3–8 people. Shuttles are equipped with wheelchair lifts, and drivers are trained to aid passengers with disabilities. Discounted rates are available for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and children.

Wheels2U Westport provides shuttle services within its area to the Saugatuck or Green Farm train stations. Additionally, ADA Paratransit offers a range of door-to-door services for eligible seniors and people with disabilities, requiring an application and scheduling by 5:00 pm the day before the trip. Services vary by town, ensuring tailored transportation solutions.

Running all those services efficiently requires insight, investigation, and innovation.

The Route Toward Electrification

Connecticut’s bus services are either state-run through CT Transit or operated by local districts like Norwalk, which offers fixed routes, para-transit, commuter shuttles, and on-demand services. The NTD’s local governance allows it to respond to changing requirements, guided by a board in tune with the city.

Transitioning vehicles to electric power faces economic and technological barriers. Limited charging infrastructure impedes widespread adoption, while high battery costs are also a barrier, affecting affordability. Balancing requirements for high-power off-highway equipment, such as construction machinery for durability, and operational needs, is difficult.

Procuring electric buses, retrofitting existing infrastructure, and establishing charging stations requires financial backing, and securing funding from federal, state, and local sources becomes a delicate balancing act.

Keeping pace with innovations—whether in battery efficiency, charging speed, or vehicle design—requires vigilance. Norwalk must navigate this dynamic landscape to make informed decisions.

Convincing the public of the benefits of electrification remains crucial by addressing concerns about range anxiety, charging availability, and overall reliability. Educating riders and stakeholders on the positive impact on air quality and sustainability is an ongoing effort.

Given Norwalk is offering this green choice along the recreational shores of Long Island Sound should influence public agreement.


Servicing a community committed to a sustainable future

The City of Norwalk boasts a captivating blend of natural beauty and urban vibrancy. The waterfront’s allure is undeniable, with marinas, harbors, and sandy beaches inviting residents and visitors to savor the salty breeze and panoramic views.

The Norwalk Islands, a protected archipelago, beckon kayakers, birdwatchers, and nature enthusiasts.

Amid the urban hustle, Calf Pasture Beach Park offers sandy shores, picnic spots, and playgrounds, while Mathews Park, home to the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum, combines history with lush gardens. The Norwalk River Valley Trail winds through woodlands, connecting neighborhoods.

The municipality prioritizes tree planting, recognizing its role in reducing extreme heat, providing shade, and enhancing aesthetics. The city’s Urban Forest initiative aims to create a leafy canopy, fostering community well-being.

Addressing climate resilience, Norwalk collaborates with the University of Connecticut to study extreme heat impacts. Wireless sensors mounted across the city monitor temperature, humidity, and dew point, informing decisions on cooling centers, tree planting, and fair health outcomes.

Waterfront activities abound. The Maritime Aquarium brings marine wonders to life while chartering a boat allows for fishing or sunset cruises. Norwalk Harbor buzzes with sailboats, yachts, and waterfront dining.

Norwalk’s commitment to water health extends through education and stewardship. The Norwalk Watershed, with its rivers and estuaries, inspires conservation efforts.

In this dynamic blend of coastal allure, green havens, and cultural gems, Norwalk invites exploration and appreciation and provides the transit system to get there.

The Future of Norwalk Transit

Given the vast experience garnered over 50 years, it is clear that keeping passengers happy is at the core of Norwalk Transit’s overall vision. While taking the steps necessary to move towards a more sustainable fleet, Norwalk is focused on customer satisfaction and transit readiness.

By putting the community’s needs first, Norwalk Transit has navigated a winning route that guarantees a smooth road ahead.


Norwalk Transit

WHAT: Celebrating 50 years of Excellence at Norwalk Transit District

WHERE: Norwalk, Southwestern Connecticut, U.S.A.



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