Mazzola Construction & Consulting – La Crosse, Wisconsin

January 31, 2024
Mazzola Construction & Consulting - La Crosse, Wisconsin

Mazzola Construction & Consulting

Building for the future by ‘constructing’ a keen vision ahead


Mazzola Construction and Consulting utilizes innovative strategies, a deep passion for custom home building, and a keen eye on future trends

Mazzola Construction & Consulting, based in La Crosse, WI, epitomizes the art of custom home building and remodeling. Founded by John Mazzola, a man with a lifelong passion for construction, the company has evolved into a beacon of craftsmanship and customer service in the upscale residential construction sector.

Mazzola Construction & Consulting stands out for its attention to detail, love of great architecture, and commitment to delivering exceptional craftsmanship. The company specializes in creating personalized, upscale designs, ensuring that each project reflects its clients’ unique vision and needs. John’s construction, project management, and residential design expertise has been enriched through collaborations with award-winning architects, decorators, and business leaders, allowing him to learn diverse building methods and techniques.

The company’s building and remodeling process is designed to be seamless and customer-centric. From selecting colors and design elements to choosing modern features and ensuring quality workmanship, the Mazzola Construction & Consulting team is dedicated to making informed, value-based decisions that resonate with discerning customers. They offer various services, including custom home building on client-owned lots or company inventory and remodeling projects that transform existing spaces into dream homes.

The Evolution of Mazzola Construction & Consulting

Tracing the roots of Mazzola Construction & Consulting reveals a story of ambition, skill, and steady growth. John’s path from a precocious teenager building in his parent’s basement to the head of a renowned construction firm is not just a career trajectory but a journey marked by persistent innovation and a deepening understanding of the craft.

John’s journey in construction began in his youth, remodeling his parents’ basement at 14 and working for LR Ross, a coveted custom builder, during his college years. He recounts the early days with nostalgia and pride, explaining that after completing his education at Viterbo University, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. It began modestly with small projects like fences and decks but swiftly expanded. “As the business grew, so did the complexity of the projects. We soon found ourselves managing half-million-dollar remodels and getting into home construction,” he reflects. This evolution was accompanied by a growing team, additional vehicles, and more sophisticated equipment, all signifying the upward trajectory of Mazzola Construction.

The success of his initial venture spurred John to broaden his horizons. In 2017, he launched Great River Homes and Little River Homes, each focusing on distinct housing market segments. “These subsidiaries, specializing in twin homes, condos, and townhomes, represent our venture into more community-focused projects,” John elaborates. This diversification extended the company’s reach and underscored its adaptability in an ever-changing industry.

For John, the allure of construction lies not just in the financial rewards but in the profound sense of achievement. “There’s something special about transforming a mere concept into a tangible reality in collaboration with homeowners and customers,” he states. This satisfaction, derived from seeing a project from concept to completion, continues to drive John and his team at Mazzola Construction & Consulting, fueling their passion for creating homes that are not just structures but embodiments of their client’s dreams.


Mazzola Construction & Consulting - La Crosse, Wisconsin

A Day in the Life at Mazzola Construction

Understanding the daily operations of Mazzola Construction & Consulting offers insight into the meticulous and dynamic environment that defines this successful business. A typical day at the job site under John’s leadership is a blend of early starts, strategic planning, and hands-on management, reflecting his dedication and the unique challenges of the construction industry.

“Every day is a workday for me, whether on vacation or at home. It’s crucial to respond promptly to any queries, maintaining my commitment to the project, my crew, and my customers,” he asserts. This relentless dedication is a cornerstone of his business philosophy, ensuring no call or query is unanswered. However, none of this would be possible without the daily office and field support and unwavering dedication from his wife Dawn.

John’s morning routine is as disciplined as it is strategic. John describes, “My day begins around 4 to 4:30 AM. After a quick coffee and some time in the hot tub to set my mindset, I’m in the office, reorganizing and prioritizing daily tasks.” This early start allows him to effectively manage each day’s complexities, especially when juggling multiple projects simultaneously.

By 8:00 AM, John is on-site, overseeing up to a dozen different projects. His approach to unexpected challenges is pragmatic and lighthearted. “Yes, you drop the ball sometimes, but it’s about how quickly you pick it up,” he shares. Likening business to a sport, he emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive attitude amidst the physically demanding nature of construction work.

John’s role extends beyond mere oversight; he sees himself as a coach and cheerleader for his team. “My job is to motivate and direct, offering rewards and recognition to keep morale high,” he explains. This approach is vital in an industry where projects rarely follow a linear path, demanding high-level problem-solving and adaptability from his team.

John’s relationship with his subcontractors mirrors that with his direct team. “I’ve worked with the same subcontractors for over 20 years. They’re like my employees; I know them personally, which helps manage complex projects,” he notes. This deep understanding and mutual respect between him and his subcontractors streamline the workflow, making even the most challenging projects manageable.

John’s day doesn’t end with supervisory duties; he is also intimately involved in the physical work. He takes pride in his hands-on approach, stating, “I’m the best job site cleaner. It’s about being the custodian of the client’s home and investment.” His involvement extends to performing various tasks himself if necessary. “Whether it’s siding, installing cabinets, or laying flooring, I’m there to ensure the project stays on schedule,” he reveals. This level of personal involvement underscores his dedication to each project and his commitment to client satisfaction.

Masterful Orchestration of Subcontractor Roles

In the intricate and often unpredictable world of construction, the coordination and management of subcontractors play a pivotal role. With decades of experience, John sheds light on the nuanced yet highly efficient process underpinning his company’s success.

“We stopped using fixed schedules because they’re based on an ideal world with no interruptions,” he says, emphasizing the need for flexibility in an industry where unpredictability is the norm. This shift in strategy allows for a smoother workflow, particularly in projects demanding high customization.

He further asserts that the key lies in constant communication and an intuitive understanding among team members, saying, “Between my main framer, Brian Rosenow, and myself, we’ve developed a rhythm, a kind of unspoken understanding with our subcontractors.” This synchronization ensures that each construction phase proceeds from excavation to finishing touches without requiring extensive direction.

Each subcontractor knows their role in the grand scheme, underscoring the longstanding relationships John has nurtured. “Our excavator, plumber, electrician, and others know exactly when they’re needed,” he explains. This level of coordination streamlines the process and fosters a sense of trust and reliability among the team.

John’s role includes acting as the bridge between technical execution and client expectations. “It’s crucial to go over the finer specifics of each project in person. This ensures that the client’s wishes are accurately translated into the work done on-site,” he notes. He walks through projects with his subcontractors, ensuring that every detail, from the number of jets in a shower to the specifics of a smart home system, aligns with the client’s vision.


Mazzola Construction & Consulting - La Crosse, Wisconsin

John Mazzola Peoples Choice Award Parade of Homes 2023

Strategic Approach to New Construction

John’s insights into the nuances of new construction projects and his approach to vendor relationships offer a window into the operational finesse that defines Mazzola Construction & Consulting.

“For homes under half a million dollars, the construction period is typically around five months,” he explains. The timeline extends correspondingly with the project’s cost, with million-dollar homes taking up to a year to complete. He equates every additional $100,000 in house cost to an extra month of construction, a formula that offers clients a clear expectation of the project duration.

John addresses the complexities of pricing in construction, emphasizing that cost-per-square-foot estimates can be misleading. “Asking how much a home costs per square foot is like asking how much three bags of groceries cost – it varies greatly depending on individual choices and preferences,” he says. This analogy underscores the custom nature of each project, where the homeowner’s selections and preferences heavily influence the final cost.

He also discusses the importance of maintaining strong, long-term relationships with suppliers and vendors, preferring consistency and quality over cost-saving tactics. “I stick with one company as long as they’re serving me and my customers to the highest level,” he states, highlighting his partnership with Beaver Builder Supply. This relationship is crucial for his business, providing materials and support in customer meetings and project planning. John also acknowledges another significant collaborator in his network: Rosenow Construction, a vital part of his construction process,

Navigating the Future of Construction

As John gazes into the construction industry’s future, he reflects on the evolving landscape and his strategic positioning to navigate these changes. His foresight into upcoming trends and challenges offers a glimpse into the adaptive strategies of Mazzola Construction & Consulting.

He shares plans for speculative home building, acknowledging the impact of the current economic climate on such ventures. “With commercial interest rates hovering around 8%, creating spec homes becomes a more delicate financial balancing act,” he notes. Despite these challenges, John remains committed to exploring new builds, leveraging the positive reception and prospects generated from events like the Parade of Homes.

He also emphasizes his continued focus on personalized, custom projects. “We’re looking at around six new homes in the pipeline, directly resulting from our marketing efforts,” he says. His involvement with the La Crosse Area Builders Association signifies his commitment to the local building community and serves as a valuable platform for garnering new projects.

John’s vision for the future of Mazzola Construction & Consulting is one of careful strategic planning, adaptability to market and environmental changes, and a continued commitment to delivering high-quality, customized homes. His ability to foresee and prepare for the challenges ahead while capitalizing on market opportunities reflects the dynamic and forward-thinking leadership that has become synonymous with his brand in the construction industry.

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