HomeWell Care Services

January 3, 2024
HomeWell Care Services

HomeWell Care Services

HomeWell Care Services: The Key Pillar of Home and Health Care


Compassion, expertise and a commitment to excellence nurture franchise success at HomeWell

To a franchise, the homecare and healthcare industry presents a landscape that requires a meticulous approach to achieve sustained growth and success. True expertise includes both the strategic heights of business leadership and the granular details of day-to-day operations.

Visionary leadership must steer the franchise with a commitment to innovation, adaptability, and a clear understanding of market dynamics.

Ultimately, brand positioning, market expansion, and technology form the cornerstone of the ideal strategy to achieve macro-level success. And as a franchise,  HomeWell Care Services has been showing up as the picture-perfect example of what that looks like in real-time.

Established in 1997 by Josh Hoffman, this franchise translates grand strategies into tangible, client-centered outcomes at the grassroots level,  a sign of true vitality as a company.

It leans heavily on providing excellent quality care, caregiver training, and utilizing robust operational systems to refine its process. Every interaction, whether it’s a compassionate caregiver assisting a client or the seamless execution of administrative processes, contributes to the brand’s growth.

By fostering strong relationships with local communities and healthcare partners, HomeWell has cultivated a culture that values both its clients and its franchisees. Its success is reflected not only in the positive impact it makes but also in its high rankings and recognition as a company.

HomeWell was named the 2023 Top Franchise and Top Franchise for Veterans and has steadily been improving its placements on the Inc. 5000 List, as well as Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500.

The Founding and Evolution of HomeWell’s Culture

HomeWell was originally named Hoffman’s Helpers. In 2003, Hoffman saw an opportunity to expand his company into an industry franchise named HomeWell Senior Care.

As the company grew, it became apparent that although Hoffman had a strong background in caregiving, he admittedly lacked the high-level knowledge of how to successfully run a large franchise.

HomeWell Care Services

Mike Condon, Vice-President of Franchise Development

So, going into 2018, he sold HomeWell to Bruce Haase, a former CEO of WoodSpring Hotels and Extended Stay America. According to the Vice-President of Franchise Development, Mike Condon, that transaction was what really helped define HomeWell’s resulting success.

“[Hoffman] really set the operational foundation of who we are as a company, the culture, and really how we help people in the community,” Condon says, referring to the fact that even through its rapid scale-up, the franchise remained in touch with the genuine purpose that it was founded on: to provide others with quality care.

HomeWell’s growth was incredibly rapid. Haase’s presence truly set the franchise up well, as he first took the company through a massive rebranding, making it the HomeWell Care Services we know today. While it was one of Haase’s earliest decisions, it was one that still yields returns today.

“The logo and look of our company has had a huge impact. I’ve had people [say] they choose us because of that specific reason alone,” Condon explains.

Of course, logo quality is just one very effective component of HomeWell’s formula. In addition to the rebrand, Haase also invested heavily in hiring an executive leadership team that really understood franchising and how to grow one.

Thanks to these proper pieces being put in place, the ride up for HomeWell since 2018 has been “a pretty wild ride,” Condon says.

Unique Brand Identity and Marketing Strategy

Beyond aesthetics, HomeWell offers Signature Programs that empower franchise owners to navigate the market confidently. These programs not only serve as effective marketing tools but also provide depth, allowing owners to excel. The brand culture, characterized by collaboration and support, has organically grown, fostering a sense of togetherness among owners.

“When you validate with our owners, they really give you a sense of, hey, how can we help you be successful? Versus other franchise systems and models that are just dog-eat-dog,” Condon says.

Instead, HomeWell skillfully leverages technology to bring all of its franchisees to a high baseline level of operational excellence. “So, not only are you learning via zooms and in-person meetings… we’re giving you access to virtual workshops and on-the-job tools,” Condon explains.

One of the most notable of HomeWell’s tools is the Learning Lab, which owners can use to get themselves and their staff up to speed with everything they need to scale and sustain themselves. This interactive platform facilitates faster onboarding and supports the ongoing education of the franchisees and their staff.

In addition to technological advancements, HomeWell recognizes the significance of a robust online presence. The impending launch of a brand-new website and website services for franchisees underscores the brand’s commitment to providing franchise owners with cutting-edge tools for local marketing efforts.

By doing this, HomeWell is able to lessen the barrier to entry among prospective franchisees. “If you don’t have a healthcare background, we’re the brand for you. We really cater our onboarding and training to meet the needs of our franchise owners,” Condon explains.

HomeWell’s training process teaches owners both the business and healthcare aspects of running their franchise. The company has an in-house team that guides new franchisees through every step of the licensing process, and once they’ve been foundationally trained via the Learning Lab, they are then assigned business coaches.

“The business coach’s job is to help our franchisees execute at the highest level they can,” Condon says. While coaches can’t run the business for franchisees, they are taking time to schedule weekly calls, analyze KPIs, and consult franchisees on key pivots they need to optimize their operational structure.

In this way, HomeWell manages to provide multiple touch points of support through the entire lifecycle of a franchise owner’s business.

The Ideal HomeWell Candidate

When seeking out prospective franchisees, HomeWell values character and purpose above all else. Candidates must have a passion for serving others, helping their community, and, most importantly, have a strong “why” behind their decision to acquire a HomeWell franchise for themselves.

“That’s something we really look for, no matter what the owner’s background is,” Condon explains. This onus on service is likely a big reason why veterans tend to perform exceptionally well as franchisees, so much so that the company offers veterans an exclusive 20% discount right off the bat.

But of course, HomeWell’s leadership understands that not everyone starts their entrepreneurial journey with a specific focus on home care.  So, the company introduced buying options, allowing prospective franchisees flexibility in managing their capital. A $5,000 training fee and the choice to pay the $49,500  franchise fee within 150 days or opt for a higher royalty rate provide a strategic approach to the investment.

“We want to give them time to get in, understand the business model, and figure out the best way to use their capital and execute on the business model,” Condon says.

If they’re the right fit, understand the model, and want to go all in, HomeWell also offers a 20% discount for owners who seek to buy multiple territories, either at once or one at a time.

With that being said, the company typically sees an initial startup investment range of $52,000 to $224,000. However, the average of that range rests more around a $150,000 investment to really get the business off the ground.

As HomeWell aims for continued growth, the focus for the next four years revolves around bringing in the right franchisees to build a supportive culture and enhance unit economics. The goal of reaching 100 locations within the next 12 months reflects the brand’s confidence in its business model and the belief that with the right owners, it can make a lasting impact in communities nationwide.

HomeWell Care ServicesCommunity Engagement and Local Partnerships

Speaking of communities, HomeWell also recognizes the significance of community engagement. It emphasizes building relationships at the local level. Franchisees are encouraged to establish connections with independent living facilities, home health care providers, and hospice care organizations. This grassroots approach ensures the brand remains deeply embedded in the communities it serves.

“It really starts with you on the local level, and so we teach you how to do that. To build your business the best you can and really drive referrals and build those community relationships,” Condon says

HomeWell Care Services collaborates with key vendors and partners crucial to its operations. WellSky, its main operating platform, enables seamless business management for all franchise owners. It’s really the digital backbone of the company.

Career Plug expedites the hiring process for caregivers and really helps franchise owners find the right staff for the job, a vital aspect of the homecare industry.

Lastly, HomeWell’s partnership with Polsinelli Law Firm ensures franchisees have the legal support and resources needed for licensing and HIPAA compliance.

While this franchise leverages many tools and resources, the heart of its success lies in the culture of compassion and togetherness it fosters. The positive impact that it has on individuals and communities defines HomeWell’s essence.

HomeWell Care Services emerges not only as a leading franchise in the homecare sector but as a beacon of compassionate entrepreneurship. As it continues to expand its footprint, the brand remains true to its core values, ensuring that each franchisee becomes a vital part of a supportive and thriving community dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for those in need of care.

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HomeWell Care Services

What: A key pillar in home and health care, exemplifying compassion, expertise, and commitment to excellence.

Website: https://homewellcares.com/


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