Hampton, Georgia – Henry County

January 2, 2024
Hampton, Georgia - Henry County

Hampton, Georgia

Hampton, GA: The Flourishing City of the South


Growth and collaborative governance sustain prosperity in Georgia

For suburban rural cities, growth is not just a measure of expansion but a delicate rhythm between progress and prudent governance. As these cities grow into vibrant hubs, leaders find themselves at the intersection of challenges and opportunities, tasked with steering the course toward sustainable and inclusive development.

Infrastructure strain, housing demands, and the need for expanded public services pose complex issues. Yet, it is precisely within these challenges that the seeds of innovation are sown. Forward-thinking policies, strategic urban planning, and community engagement become the pillars on which sustainable growth stands.

Navigating growth isn’t merely about the quantitative expansion of a city; it’s about quality – fostering an environment that attracts residents, businesses, and investments.

Achieving this delicate equilibrium transforms the cityscape into a thriving ecosystem with a robust economy, enhanced infrastructure, and a vibrant community spirit.

In the heart of Georgia, the City of Hampton unfolds as a quiet, quaint, and family-friendly community. As a successfully growing suburban rural city, it’s characterized by its harmonious neighborhoods, economic vitality, and a sense of community pride.

Its charm extends beyond its roots, drawing both residents and businesses with a promise of warmth and opportunity. Under the astute leadership of Mayor Ann Tarpley, Hampton’s delicate balance of unique features and ongoing projects gives it a lively flow of urban productivity, all while preserving that small-town feel.

Hampton, Georgia - Henry CountyBalancing Growth with Community Character

Hampton’s picturesque surroundings feature many amenities that residents take pride in, most notably McBrayer Park. This vibrant park features a splash pad, skateboard park, and various courts for basketball, tennis, and pickleball.

Another gem is the East Hampton Community Park, a forthcoming addition with walking trails, play areas, and a gazebo, promising a serene space for the community.

What makes Hampton so unique is its commitment to maintaining its wholesome aesthetic and spirit.

“We love being a quant community, but we understand that growth is inevitable,” says Mayor Tarpley, explaining that as Hampton experiences commercial and residential growth, the intention is to ensure that every development is done the “Hampton way.”

As Hampton expands, so too do the needs of its residents, and one of the easily overlooked but crucial contributors to its growth is the consistent focus on maintaining the city’s infrastructural foundation.

Hampton’s commitment to infrastructure shines through various projects. A focal point is the Thompson Creek water outfall project, addressing water flow and sewer system enhancements.  Several key areas in the city have been marked for significant sewer and pump station upgrades, which will be completed in connection with a master plan to improve the entire city’s stormwater capabilities.

Beyond stormwater upgrades, the city also conducts and manages routine street improvement and repaving projects. Its most recent projects involve the McDonough Street and West Main Street Projects, outfitting both corridors with new pavement and lighting. In the near future, there will also be a focus on the downtown area from Highway 20 to Amsterdam.

So, as you can see, a lot is happening at Hampton’s most foundational level, and to keep it steadily moving, city leadership taps into funding from multiple sources.

“We have a wonderful team that applies for our grants, some federal and others on the state level, but some of our money has [also] been allocated towards those projects,” Mayor Tarpley says, revealing that many of these projects are being managed in anticipation for the huge influx of business development that the city has been steadily preparing for.

A Beacon of Commercial Opportunity

Due to how the landscape of the modern workforce was essentially transformed post-COVID, there is a nationwide need to recover from the hit American productivity took back in 2020.

So, by partnering with a critical developer whose name has yet to be released, Hampton is already preparing to move into the next stage of its growth strategy.

“Project Archer is a partnership that the city has embarked on that is going to bring into our city about 1200 very good paying jobs,” Mayor Tarpley says, referring to the rush of economically viable positions that will soon be available to Hampton’s workforce.

To facilitate the post-COVID shift towards remote work, the Mayor is also exploring options for the infrastructural expansion of the city’s high-speed connectivity. While fiber initiatives are underway, discussions around 5G connectivity are on the horizon, ensuring that Hampton remains a hub for remote work and technological innovation.

With this expansion underway, it becomes a bit easier to see how organic Hampton’s development is shaping up to be. In fact, the city is even increasing its business-friendly initiatives to help attract even more new businesses.

“We do a great push on the initial front end of getting [businesses] acclimated to the community and letting the community know that they are now a part of who we are,” Mayor Tarpley says.

Over the years, there has been a gradual shaping of the city’s downtown area into an enterprise zone using incentives to entice new businesses to set up shop and contribute to job creation.

In partnership with the Hampton Chamber of Commerce, city leadership deploys several humble but effective public strategies to help businesses promote themselves. Some of the more notable methods include ribbon-cutting ceremonies, newsletter features, and small business incubators that work with officials to develop loan packages, helping business owners secure more capital.

While these actions aren’t quite as noticeable as a major infrastructure overhaul, they are undoubtedly the choices that will have a positive and lasting impact on the city’s economic vitality. Here, the message is clear: Hampton extends a warm embrace to entrepreneurs.

A Collaborative Solution to Residential Needs

Of course, having a nice roadway aesthetic and a thriving economy is still only part of Hampton’s successful city formula. Many would argue that what gives the city its spirit is the incredible focus on providing residents with the most convenient and supported lifestyles.

Primarily, Hampton leadership has proactively tackled its housing challenges by partnering with developers Jim Chapman and Mike Embry in two massive projects set to explosively grow the city’s housing stock. In total, Hampton has already built 1200 new homes, with an additional 1800 homes in the pipeline for the next 12 to 18 months.

And with the influx of new residents, there is already an understanding that those people need more than just a place to work. “People, especially coming out of COVID, they want to get outside… so we’ve made a heavy investment in our Park and Recreation Department,” says Mayor Tarpley.

So, in addition to the previously mentioned park upgrades, Hampton has improved its field, court, and lighting structures throughout its entirety. New basketball courts, baseball fields, concession stands, the unveiling of East Hampton Park, and the redesigning of the Rosenwald area into an artistic garden space are all projects that are scheduled to be completed by the end of next summer.

And, of course, the city is constantly promoting the Atlanta Motor Speedway as an ever-present attraction.

With an environment that promotes both economic stability and personal comfort, preserving that environment’s culture and capacity is paramount. As such, Mayor Tarpley is tackling the somewhat related sectors of food and healthcare by making essential additions to Hampton’s landscape.

“One of the things we’re definitely looking into is bringing in a quality grocery store for our citizens to patronize… and we’ve [also] spoken with healthcare providers here in Henry County in regards to getting an urgent care on this side of the county,” Mayor Tarpley says, revealing that the city’s healthcare initiative is being done in partnership with Piedmont Henry

With these additions, it’s all but certain that the city will greatly improve its accessibility to healthcare while also alleviating its status as a food desert, thus addressing crucial needs for its residents.

Hampton, Georgia - Henry CountySafety to Continue Moving Forward

Normally, expansions within a city can sometimes come with rather unsavory consequences, especially regarding crime. However, it becomes very easy to see that Hampton possesses the most important aspect of ensuring city development: security.

Hampton’s commitment to safety is evident in its ranking as the third safest city in Georgia. The city invests in its police department, providing state-of-the-art training and equipment. “We community police in our city, so we want to make sure that that they have the best quality training they can have,” says Mayor Tarpley, who made it known that Hampton’s Police Chief, as well as the full Command Staff, have all undergone training on the FBI level.

When addressing passive threats, the city also collaborates with Southern States Utility Solutions and The Henry County Water Authority to ensure the protection and maintenance of its most precious resources.

Looking ahead, the interconnectedness that defines Hampton’s operational landscape will only get better. Infrastructure remains at the forefront, with a focus on completing ongoing projects.

Simultaneously, the city turns its attention to the downtown area, envisioning a vibrant space with mixed-use developments. The collaborative spirit that defines Hampton’s success is set to guide the city through the remainder of 2023 and into 2024, ensuring sustained growth and prosperity.

With Mayor Tarpley’s focused leadership behind the wheel, there is no doubt that Hampton, Georgia, is set for a wave of lasting revitalization within the next few years.

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The City of Hampton, Georgia

What: A thriving suburban rural city with a focus on sustainable growth, infrastructure development, economic prosperity, and community well-being.

Where: Located in Henry County, Georgia.

Website: https://www.hamptonga.gov/


Embry Development Company – https://embrydevelopmentcorp.com/

Peach State Community Involvement Agency – www.pscia.org


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