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March 26, 2024

Globe, Arizona



Discover Globe’s Golden pathway to a Diverse and Thriving Economic Future

Blessed with natural beauty, beautiful weather, and an ideal location conveniently located between Phoenix and Tucson, the city of Globe and its 7,200 residents enjoy a picturesque setting within Gila County and a lifestyle that is second to none. Given its deep mining roots, it is fitting to call Globe an undiscovered gem.

Globe routinely sees a daily traffic flow of over 30,000 vehicles. What exactly is powering Globe’s ability to attract visitors to stay, invest and generate business and economic growth?

Al Gameros, Mayor

“Globe is at the crossroads to many destinations in all geographic directions,” said Al Gameros, the Mayor of this dynamic and thriving city.  Gameros added, “By taking advantage of the sales tax revenue generated by non-city residents that utilize Globe’s roads and services. Globe has seen an incredible growth of 87% in sales tax since 2017, and that does not include the 1% sale tax implemented a year ago. This sales tax revenue has helped pay for the resources visitors use while here in our city and decreases the cost burden on our own city residents.”

These past seven years, the City of Globe Council and staff have developed a shared vision and implemented their Strategic Action Plan to build the foundation for a 21st Century Civic Model that the residents of Globe enjoy today and are proud to call home.

And the results have been astounding! Globe’s City Council approved a $65 Million budget for fiscal year 23/24 – about a $23 Million increase from 2022. This is due to successfully pursuing $18 Million in State and Federal Funding, with an anticipated additional amount of $7.7 Million in 2024. Since 2017, Globe has received over $127 Million in grant funding.

Under the leadership of Mayor Gameros and the Council the City of Globe has put these funds to good use:

  • Community Center Pool & Splash Pad, $4.3 Million
  • Community Center Sewer Line Project, $1.5 Million
  • Hill Street Realignment, $1.5 Million
  • City Hall Veterans Park & Community Center Playground Upgrades, $250K
  • The Michaelson Building Coworkspace & Business Incubator, $750K (in progress)
  • Connie’s Bridge Replacement, $4.4 Million (in progress)

Mayor Gameros and the City Council remain diligently focused in implementing the final part of the three-year strategic action plan, called Globe Forward – a plan for sustainable economic growth and greater quality of life for the residents now and for future generations, building upon the foundation of work from the past 5 years that includes:

  • Establishment of a dedicated Economic and Community Development Department to attract new business, retain and expand existing ones, and to increase housing options for all market segments
  • Phased Updates of the City’s aging 100-plus year-old infrastructure through federal and state grant opportunities
  • Creation of the “Go To Globe” brand and marketing initiative, in partnership with the Arizona Office of Tourism, to increase tourism, and
  • Development of a regional initiative to improve the aesthetics in the commercial corridor to create a more beautiful and inviting community to make Globe a sought-out destination for people to live, work, and play

Community Collaboration

For Globe, many of these revitalization projects can be attributed to meaningful partnerships that the city has built and maintained.

Linda Oddonetto, Economic & Community Development Director

“What is working in Globe is that we focus on community-driven economic development,” says Linda Oddonetto, Economic & Community Development Director for Globe. “Our city works to build a community for our residents.”

Gameros is a board member of the Southern Gila County Economic Development Corporation, which includes members from the local mining industry, small business, the regional hospital, education/workforce development, and Gila County government. “This is a catalytic time for our region, collaboration is key,” Oddonetto says. In working with the EDC, we’ve been able to move major initiatives such as a regional housing study. That leads to amazing projects such as the $22M Gorman & Company senior affordable housing development at Hill Street School that will open at the end of 2024.

“Our goal was to build a thriving ecosystem for economic development.  And in 2018, when the city was able to create the Economic Development Department with assistance from the three-year Building Rural Economies grant from Rural Communities Assistance Corporation (RCAC), the city started the foundational work. It was through this process that many of the community’s goals were identified, and are now being realized today.

As is typical with historic towns, many of the local businesses have been running within the same family for decades.

“We have much generational turnover happening right now with local small businesses,” Oddonetto explains. “We assist these families to find new operators, so these long-standing businesses, which are gems in our community, can continue operating.” We’re committed to driving development within Globe, by identifying opportunities and resources to strengthen existing businesses and incubate new ones,” Oddonetto tells us.

Historic Downtown, Modern Culture

The beautiful downtown area of Globe is over 100 years old. It’s a densely packed area with historic architecture that’s very walkable, inviting, and safe. Downtown is beloved by Globe residents but is also attractive to those who pass through or visit the city daily.

Downtown Globe may have a historic aesthetic, but many modern businesses are thriving here. Downtown anchors include El Ranchito, La Casita, and La Luz Café; long-time local Mexican restaurants that each have a state-wide following. Chef John Wong is Globe’s culinary scene on the map, with two highly acclaimed restaurants open already and more on the way.

Wong currently runs Bravo, an Italian American bistro that boasts a woodfire oven direct from Italy to fire-up his delicious pizza. And then there is Bloom, a one-of-a kind Asian Fusion restaurant that includes one of the best sushi bars in all of Arizona.

Globe is home to several fun taverns that have colorful histories of their own, as they were once part of the red-light district! One of those that is known and loved by Globe residents is the Drift Inn Saloon that has been continuously operating for over a century, in the heart of the historic downtown.

There are plenty of other notable historic buildings in Globe including the historic Gila County Jail that was built in 1910 which now offers tours for residents and tourists passing through the area.

The jail is said to be haunted, and is routinely featured by many ghost hunter television shows. Other distinguished buildings include the Oddfellows Lodge, the Masonic Lodge, and the former Elks Lodge, which is currently being revitalized and holds the un-official record of being the tallest three-story building in the world.

Another city staple is the Globe Community Center. The city just completed a $5 million refurbishment of the community pool. This was a sizable undertaking that involves bringing together the minds and resources of many local and state stakeholders; a fabulous example of how the community works collaboratively.

The beautiful new community pool is zero-entry style, with two slides, a splash pad and brand-new playground right next door. Plus, the pool is heated, which extends the swimming season!

Thanks to a generous grant from a local mine, a much-anticipated change coming soon to downtown will be the addition of water-bottle stations throughout so urban hikers can fill-upas they explore the beautiful downtown core and historic neighborhoods.

The addition of Stairizona incorporates a total of 3 and a half miles of walking paths among five different stairways (and a catwalk!) that are incorporated into the urban trail system that ties the downtown to these neighborhoods. Walking the same routes that miners used to get to and from work each day, one can enjoy the many beautiful   murals and mosaic tilework on the stairs, which has become such a staple in downtown Globe over the past couple of years.


The Perks of Parks

Globe has the unique bragging rights to having the most parks per capita of any city in Arizona. Mayor Gameros points out that Round Mountain Park is one of the most notable since it has seven beautiful miles of trails and is in the heart of midtown Globe. It also happens to be right up the hill from Waggin’ Vineyard & Estate, where after hiking you can enjoy a glass of wine in the middle of the lush grapevines and visit the cute critters at the petting zoo.

Just a mile southwest of Globe, part of the city’s beautiful park system, is Besh Ba Gowah Archaeological Park and Museum, which has reconstructed ruins of the ancient Salado people that used to inhabit the area.

As Linda Oddonetto, Economic & Community Development Director for Globe tells us, “Their footprint is still here and our museum has the largest showcase of artifacts from the culture anywhere in the state.”

Recreational opportunities for all ages and abilities are very important to our community. Our goal is to have a comprehensive trail system with both walking and biking trails that will directly connect residents downtown from all over. “We want to be a community for all, including our senior population,” Oddonetto says. “We have a large senior population, and want   to offer the highest quality of life possible.”

Fabulous First Fridays

This unique event has become a key feature of Globe for residents and tourists alike! What started as an effort to support businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic has blossomed into an exciting monthly celebration of all things local that the whole city takes part in.

“We’ve just seen this event take off in a way that we did not anticipate!” Oddonetto tells us. “It’s become an incredible business incubator we’ve had.” Each First Friday brings in an average of 8,000 people, and this includes event-goers of all ages.

With First Friday specials from shops, boutiques, and restaurants, and seasonal features like a rock-climbing wall and ice-skating rink.

There’s also a historic car cruise led by Mayor Gameros and the Food Truck Round-up party on the corner of Sycamore and Broad Streets where one can grab a delicious bite while watching the cruise.

Nearby is Oak Street, which is closed off for local makers and bakers marketplace. This is where event-goers can check out local vendors for original, handmade crafts, gift items, clothing, delicious baked breads and treats, and more. Many of the semicro-businesses are residents, and the event is so popular that quite a few have turned their passion project side hustles into full-time careers, the mayor notes.

The Cobre Valley Center for the Arts plays a big role in this event as well, with new art show openings that start on First Fridays and run throughout the month. Plus, each First Friday features local bands, DJs, and more to add even more liveliness to the mix.

Looking to the Future of Globe

The growth that the City of Globe has seen since the start of the EDD in 2018 has been vast. “But we couldn’t have done it alone,” Oddonetto makes sure to mention.

As Oddonetto says, “Everyone says the government moves very slowly. But we’ve been able to move many initiatives and projects very quickly.” She adds, “That’s only been possible through our valuable partnerships.”

One very exciting project currently underway is the revitalization of the century-old Michaelson Building in downtown that will be an innovative co-working space and offer entrepreneurs resources to help start or grow their businesses.; It will also feature a downtown Visitor’s Center.

Another developer, Gorman & Company, recently got approval for a $22 million project to refurbish the historic Hill Street school, turning it into a 64-unit affordable housing complex for seniors using the State Tax Credits called LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credit). Gorman broke ground in 2023 with an expected completion date of late 2024.

Globe’s 9.2 square miles of designated Opportunity Zone area is a unique and powerful engine for economic development. An Opportunity Zone is a Federal tax deferment program inside the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 that harnesses the power of investors with realized capital gains to invest patiently in these economically marginalized census tracts in need of revitalization, thereby creating a major impact in these communities.

Unlike Federal or State Tax Credits, Investors must invest inside a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund or QOF that will develop inside these Opportunity Zones and hold these investments for a period of 10 to 15 years in exchange for incredible tax-free gains on their investment’s appreciation.

Globe is proud to welcome Monte Dei Globe, its first Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund with its headquarters in Globe’s historic downtown Broad Street. Monte Dei Globe’s 58-acre Master Plan development called Marigold Village is also currently underway, which will provide over 700 different opportunities for housing, from mid-rise condominiums to residential townhouses, as well as the inclusion of an hotel and event center.

“This is ground-breaking for us,” Mayor Gameros says. “This is one of the biggest housing opportunities that our city has ever experienced.”

Moving forward, the City Council is keenly focused on maintaining its partnerships which have been so valuable to the growth and development of the city as well as providing top-tier amenities and services for its long-time and valued residents.

Final Thoughts

“The word is out about all the interest, activity and projects happening in Globe,” concluded Mayor Al Gameros. Globe has come a long way these past seven years. Mayor Gameros added, “At last year’s Arizona League of Cities Conference, elected officials, mayors and business owners were coming to our council members to ask for advice”

Gameros shared the elements that powered Globe’s amazing growth, “It starts with a vision, goal setting, and focus despite setbacks from natural disasters and negative resistance, and patience to cross the finish line. And none of this would have been possible without an aggressive Legislative Agenda, a talented staff to apply these funds, and the expertise within the City staff to complete and administer these projects.”

In the end, “Dreams are only dreams unless you put them into motion with a vision – goals – and a plan for the future.” Mayor Gameros further challenged everyone to get involved, become a volunteer in the community, learn more about the City of Globe’s function and operation, and come to City Council meetings.





Globe, Arizona

What: A delightful mining town whose population hasn’t changed in decades, and it works.

Where: Located in Gila County, just a few miles from Miami, and right between Phoenix and Tucson.



Monte Dei Globe –


A place to call home, a hearth to share meals with loved ones and friends, a special corner to plant roots and build a community—these are all aspirations we dream of when we think of homeownership.

Yet across our nation, there’s a staggering need for affordable housing. In Arizona, the Department of Housing projected a 270,000 shortage of housing units needed in 2022 to keep up with population growth, despite available land for development across the state. Hidden within these statistics is the plight of many small and rural cities across America, struggling to attract capital investment to meet their housing needs.

One solution Congress provided was passing the Opportunity Zone Program inside the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

The Opportunity Zone Program gives substantial tax deferred benefits to those with realized capital gains from any source such as selling a business or partnership, stocks, bonds, crypto, art work, real estate, and so on. Once these gains are invested  in a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund (QOF) for a minimum period of 10 years, investors receive potential tax-free gains upon exit on their asset appreciation.  The QOF must invest inside one of the  8,700+ census tracts that are designated economically distressed across the 50 US states and territories.

Therein lies the true genius of the Opportunity Zone Program in its dynamic ability to break the cycle of poverty!

By aligning and rewarding patient capital to pursue projects that stimulate sustainable economic development in areas most in need of revitalization, Opportunity Zone investments create a ripple effect of long-term positive change, increased employment opportunities, improved access to quality housing, and enhanced public services.

Monte Dei Globe chose to invest it’s QOF in Globe, Arizona because of local government and City Council’s community-centered, pro-growth policies.

More importantly, Globe’s unique history and natural beauty provide an ideal location to execute its three-fold visionary approach to rural development:

  • Rehabilitate historic downtown Globe;
  • Develop Marigold Village, a master plan community of 700 residential housing units with commercial/retail spaces, a chapel, and hotel/event space on 58 acres; and more importantly,
  • Double the impact and fulfill the spirit of the Opportunity Zone Program by tithing a portion of their profits to build co-located free housing for the indigent retired religious clergy who, after a lifetime of service and a vow of poverty, find that 94% of their congregations are unable to be cared for in their twilight years.

In the next phase of development, Monte Dei Globe seeks investors whose investment goals are in harmony with the QOF’s focus on choosing impact over income, creating value with their core values, and bridging the gap to prosperity and generational wealth.


To learn more about Monte Dei Globe’s QOF, please email: or visit: .

CORE Construction –

Gorman USA –

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