From the Editor – Volume 2 Issue 9 – Civil and Municipal

September 3, 2021
From the Editor

Towns and cities throughout North America are literally making trails as they plan for economic growth and increased development. So many of the community representatives I speak with are excited to share how they are creating or expanding walking/biking/hiking trails to keep their citizens and visitors active and healthy and happy.

While we love to embrace the beauty of rural pathways, often, these same trails connect to a downtown core – bringing people together and promoting the amazing entrepreneurial business spirit at the heart of these welcoming central business districts. As communities prepare to reopen after almost two years of COVID challenges and restrictions, our small businesses especially should be lauded for their sheer resolve to adapt and come back even stronger. So, as you’re enjoying stretching your legs and clearing your mind in the great outdoors, remember that more pleasure – and treasures – await in your local small biz district.

In this month’s edition of Business View Civil & Municipal, we tour 17 determined communities that are working hard on reinvention in a myriad of ways. A prime example of resiliency are the municipalities of Hearst (“Moose Capital of the World”), Kapuskasing (celebrating 100 years of progress in the north), Central Elgin (a lakeside gem), and Shelburne (“a people place, a change of pace”)  in Ontario, Canada.

American history is alive and driving tourism in Dover and Smyrna, Delaware, while Shelby County and Athens County, Ohio are focused on a great blend of manufacturing and agriculture – and adventure. The City of Utica, New York is building on diversity to shape its identity, and the young City of Brookhaven, Georgia is staking its claim as ‘more than a bedroom community’ to Atlanta. And beautiful, rural DeSoto County is one of Florida’s leading producers of oranges, watermelons, olives, and tomatoes, as well as a beloved tourist destination.

Watauga County, invites you to reboot your senses in the North Carolina Appalachians; Columbus, Nebraska – “City of power and progress” –  is creating a landscape for businesses to prosper; and the charming, historic city of Manitowoc – Wisconsin’s “Maritime Capital” – is experiencing the positive power of reinvention. On the west coast, Farmersville, California boasts panoramic views of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains and a desirable small-town vibe. Criss-crossing to the east coast, Rochester, largest city in the seaside region of New Hampshire, is a testament to why the State has been ranked among the 10 best places to live in America.

At this time, I’d like to send encouragement and prayers of support to the people of Louisiana, as they recover from the devastating impact of Hurricane Ida. A few weeks ago, I had a wonderful conversation with Mayor Greg Cromer for our feature on Slidell, Louisiana, which you’ll find in this issue of Business View. At the time, Mayor Cromer shared, “When Hurricane Katrina struck in August 2005, Slidell was especially hard hit. We started helping people pull up carpet, cut sheet rock out of their homes, and get themselves together. You’d see neighbors gathering families together to help tackle a home. At the end of a day, they had it gutted and were ready to start the rebuilding process. It was truly friends helping friends, families helping families. Neighbors showing the true spirit of our community; that’s what we’re all about here in Slidell.”

That inspiring spirit of Slidell citizens is again being tested but hopefully they can take comfort that the rest of the country is rallying behind them. If you can contribute, donate, help in any way to those affected by the hurricane, please do so through the American Red Cross or any number of other relief agencies.

Editor in Chief

Lorie Lee Steiner

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