Four in Five Americans say Summer Passes by Too Fast

July 2, 2019

Four in Five Americans say Summer Passes by Too Fast: L.L.Bean Launches Initiative to Help Make the Most of it

June 21 marks the first day of summer, and with events and activities stacking up on the calendar, many Americans feel the season is over before it even begins. They’re not far off – there’s less than 100 days to make summer memories that will last. According to a new survey commissioned by outdoor retailer L.L.Bean, four in five Americans agree summer passes by too quickly, and more than half of them feel they don’t have time to truly enjoy it.

That’s why L.L.Bean is on a mission to help people get the most out of precious summer days by spending more time outside, together. To kick things off, the company is bringing the L.L.Bean Backyard Campsite to major cities across the country and partnering with rideshare company Uber to make it easy to get there, and get outside. The events will serve as an outdoor respite from the city in the summer and are part of the retailer’s S’more Out of Summer campaign aimed at helping people get more out of the season through a variety of events and initiatives geared towards friends and families of all kinds.

“At L.L.Bean we have always believed in the benefits of the outdoors and are committed to making sure everyone has the chance to enjoy it,” said Steve Smith, President and CEO of L.L.Bean. “We all have busy schedules and don’t spend as much time as we’d like outside, especially in the summer. Making a s’more is the perfect way to pause and celebrate the season. It’s another great way to be an outsider.”

The first L.L.Bean Backyard Campsite will pop-up Thursday, June 20 from 10am-6pm in New York City’s backyard, The Battery, followed by pop-ups in Buffalo, NY; Madison, WI; and Boston, MA throughout June and July. Through Uber Vouchers, Uber rides will be available to each site to deliver consumers directly to the outdoors.

The free events will feature classic summer activities including s’more roasting and yard games, plus an innovative audio experience provided by the National Park Foundation’s PARKTRACKS and hands-on activities from L.L.Bean’s Outdoor Discovery Program. The cities noted are just the beginning – throughout the summer, look out for the S’more Tour’s additional stops, featuring L.L.Bean’s famed Bootmobile as it visits outdoor festivals and events, as well as free Outdoor Discovery programming at local parks including family hikes, kids activities and free kayak and paddleboard rentals.

For the majority of Americans who want to spend more time outside this summer, there’s no shortage of ways to get outside with family and friends and make the most of those precious summer days, even if you can’t join the S’more Tour. L.L.Bean’s S’more Out of Summer Guide offers tips and inspiration to better enjoy the season, and can be found throughout the campaign and tour, in stores or online. Below are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Make S’mores – You can’t go wrong with a classic, and L.L.Bean will make it easy with free s’mores at all of its retail stores on Saturday, June 22.
  • Ask Alexa! – Say “S’more Summer Tips” to any Alexa device for tips and suggestions for getting the whole family outside.
  • Discover a New Park – There are over 400 national parks just waiting to be explored. Find Your Park here.
  • Go Camping – Pitch a tent in the backyard or find a campsite at your favorite park. Looking for something simple? Try L.L.Bean’s Wicked Easy Camping in Maine or join L.L.Bean at The Battery throughout the summer for The Battery Campout series.
  • Learn Something New – From kayaking, fishing and archery classes to kids’ camps, day trips and all-inclusive adventures, L.L.Bean’s Outdoor Discovery Programs are here to help you learn new skills and share the outdoors. Check out our schedule or stop in to your local store to learn more.

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