An Executive’s Guide To VPN – How and When To Use It?

July 6, 2020

Are you looking to understand how a VPN can be useful to you? These valuable pieces of software provide benefits from encryption to total data security, say those at VPN Watch. We’ll take a look at how these advantages apply to the business world.

What is a VPN?

VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network. It is a system that uses a public internet connection to create a secure and private connection.

The primary purpose of a VPN is to protect your personal and proprietary information. It also masks your IP address.

How Can a VPN Help My Business?

A virtual private network enables you to improve online security for your business. Applications range from connecting branch offices to doing marketing research.

Connecting Branch Offices

If your business has four different locations, you need a secure network to connect them. Installing physical land-line connections to link them would be costly and a logistics nightmare, but a VPN does the job much easier.

Connecting your offices with a VPN allows you to work as though there was just one internet network connecting them. You can send and receive information securely. Your team can access printers and servers that are at a different physical location than they are.

Working Remotely

Using a VPN provides the access and security you need to work when you’re away from the office. A virtual network allows you to work as though you were at your desk in the office.

You may regularly work from home or while traveling or have team members who do. Virtual private networks safeguard data by providing secure connections, even when using public wifi.

Through a VPN, business travelers can access all the company’s local network resources while away from the office. The virtual network increases security by avoiding direct exposure of the local content to the internet.

Doing Marketing Research

A VPN gives you the ability to change your location and surf the web as though you were in a different city or country. This can allow your business to understand the market better and know what your search engine results pages (SERP) look like from various locations.

Keeping Data Safe

Virtual private networks protect your data from those who might try to steal it for proprietary reasons or to use personal information. By masking your ISP, a VPN makes the connection completely secure and private.

Collaborating with Remote Teams

If your company is like most, you have internal documents that can only be accessed from office IP addresses. If you are collaborating with someone outside the office, you can use a business VPN to grant access to those who need it.

Bypassing Geographical Blocks

If your business works with a B2C model or team members often travel, a VPN can help bypass geographical blocks. This can give you access to websites, social media, and entertainment content that you could not usually access based on your location.

Additional Applications

As a busy executive, it’s possible you may have files stored on your home network. A virtual private network will come in useful here too.

Accessing Your Home Network While Traveling

With your own VPN, you can access your home network while away after you’ve set up a local network. This allows you to access your remote desktop from anywhere.

Downloading Files The Secure Way

A VPN increases security while torrenting: encryption hides your IP and details about the particular files you are downloading (hiding from ISP penalties).

Also, VPN increases security against such web threats, XSS worms, middle man attack, malvertising, and similar.

Hiding Browsing Activity

You can use a virtual private network to hide your online activity from your home network users and your ISP. The local users will only be able to see the VPN connection, hiding everything that passes through it. For complete privacy, choose a provider that does not log the traffic on their end.

Summing it Up

Virtual private networks offer many resources for those who need a secure and private connection. Some of the most useful applications are being able to work remotely, connecting branch offices, and keeping your data safe.

They are also helpful for collaborating with remote teams, downloading files faster, and bypassing blocked sites when you travel abroad. VPNs are necessary for every executive, and they make conducting business far less restrictive than if you don’t use one.


Author: Ashley Lipman
Content marketing specialist
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