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Business View - November 2014 73
ery market – domestic and international.”
The TIA exists to help third-party logistics professionals
better manage their companies for growth and profit.
The association’s membership consists of more than
1,300 such professionals, whom they help by provid-
ing services that include research, education, lobbying
and specific product offerings that aid in the success-
ful conducting of business.
“We maintain a strong and growing association that
continues to meet the needs of our members and the
industry,” Voltmann said.
For some, the most important benefit of membership
is advocacy, while for others it is educational products
or research. “It really depends on them,” Voltmann
said. “We try to meet the member wherever they need
us to be.”
A critical aim of the association is to educate and pro-
duce research necessary to help members in a com-
petitive marketplace. Education programs have been
developed to assist in all levels of expertise. Online
courses range from focusing on individual segments
of the market, such as Temperature Control Transport,
to a comprehensive Certified Transportation Broker
All are designed to inform the next generation of in-
dustry leaders and provide industry standard educa-
tion. TIA has partnered with the Institute of Logistical
Management to offer the highest of quality in transpor-
tation and logistics courses available anywhere. TIA’s
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