BVM - Nov, 2014 - page 72

72 Business View - November 2014
Transportation Intermediaries
The voice of the third-party logistics industry
The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) is
the premier organization for third-party logistics pro-
fessionals in North America, providing resources, in-
formation and connections for members to empower
them to better establish, maintain and expand ethical,
profitable and growing businesses.
The association was founded in 1978 to advocate
against regulation in the domestic transport industry
and has continued advocating for market improve-
ment ever since.
“Our members have grown over the years and we now
represent the large integrated third-party logistics
companies, as well as family-owned and smaller logis-
tic companies,” said Robert Voltmann, the organiza-
tion’s president and CEO. “We’re the only organization
that represents third-party logistics companies in ev-
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