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88 Business View - January 2015
Designing Your Logistical
Church Transportation & Logistics all-in with straightforward approach
Birmingham, Ala.’s Church Transportation & Logistics
is an asset-based whose primary bottom-line mission
is to get client shipments from point A to point B in a
safe and timely manner. Its current menu of services
includes full truckload, multi-stop truckload, dedicated
transportation, cross-dock/warehousing, expedited,
logistics management and consulting.
But while the company’s present-day operation boasts
70 tractors, 125 trailers, a new corporate office and
a 30,000-square-foot warehousing/cross-dock facility,
its founder and namesake – Fenn Church – doesn’t
have to strain to recall times when evidence of suc-
cess was a little harder to come by.
“There were plenty of dark days,” he said, “but come
hell or high water we were going to get through them. I
just had the mindset of ‘Never Give Up.’”
In fact, Church’s business tale traces back to the
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