BVM - Jan 2015 - page 78

78 Business View - January 2015
Smart Home Improvement
and Organization
Tailored Living scores high in pursuit of its core values
Dan Tafoya felt like he was back in college.
And, as the president at California-based Tailored Liv-
ing awaited recent consultant results that would reveal
how highly his home improvement/garage organiza-
tion company was regarded by its customers, he con-
ceded he was not sure what to expect since Tailored
Living is new brand in this industry.
So when the actual numbers rolled in – a 95.7 percent
“excellent” rating for installation services, a 95.8 per-
cent “excellent” rating for finished products and three
of every four users labeling the overall transaction pro-
cess as “excellent” – he was understandably relieved
and excited.
Not to mention ecstatic.
“It was a little nerve-wracking for me and my team, be-
cause you never know what the results are going to
be like,” Tafoya said. “For us to get into the 95th per-
centile was just remarkable. I felt like I was getting my
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