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Business View - January 2015 7
Welcome to the January issue of Business View
Magazine, a global leader in business-to-busi-
ness profiles, news and opinion – whose mission
is to detail the inner workings of today’s most
influential companies through direct one-on-one
contact with their key decision-makers.
As always, our coverage touches a broad range
of industries.
Informative features in this month’s North Ameri-
can edition include the economic development
plans for an Alberta municipality on the verge of
a population spike – the town of Hinton, Alberta.
Resource industries like coal mining and pulp
milling helped account for intermittent popula-
tion shifts in Hinton across several decades prior
to the arrival of the 21st century, though those
numbers have stayed remarkably stable since
the federal census of 2001. But, thanks to a new
municipal focus on economic development, town
officials said, those days of sleepy steadiness
are already becoming a thing of the past.
“We’re definitely a strong economy and growth
is definitely on Hinton’s horizon,” said Wendy
Jones, Hinton’s manager of capital projects and
construction. “It’s part of our strategic plan.
“The population has been stagnant for what
amounts to 25 years, and we’re trying to change
the mindset and open ourselves up to new busi-
ness opportunities – whether they be recreation-
al, tourist, manufacturing or something else.
That’s our goal here in the next several years.”
Check out the full-length Hinton piece as well
as other feature stories in this month’s issue,
alongside supplemental content in the form of
Top 10 lists, the Opening Lines section and the
first installment of our periodic end-of-magazine
feature – “Guest View” – which will include con-
tributions from key voices in industry sectors cov-
ered by the publication.
Please feel free to contact me with any comments
or critiques, as well as suggestions for ways we
can continue to provide a publication that’s per-
tinent, educational and entertaining.
Until February… I wish you good health and good
Lyle Fitzsimmons
Vice President, Editorial
Business View Magazine
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