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102 Business View - January 2015
Pride of the Region
Lethbridge County laying foundation for success, prosperity and growth
When people think of Alberta’s economy, it’s often in
terms of oil-soaked boom and bust.
Although the province’s strong connection to the en-
ergy sector can certainly be indicative of greater Cana-
dian fiscal well-being or turmoil, some of its less-drilled
areas go about carving out niches where predictability,
stability and long-term sustainability are of far higher
importance than oil and gas.
In Lethbridge County, that’s the specific daily task as-
signed to Martin Ebel.
The county’s economic development officer for two
years since he exited a similar post with the nearby
town of Fort Macleod, Ebel characterized the new
county role as being more about building long-term
business relationships than being available for torrid
“Southern Alberta doesn’t really fall into that cycle in
the same way,” he said. “What you kind of get is a nice,
steady stable increase over time. You don’t maybe see
the dramatic growth when things are going really, re-
ally well, but at the same time you also don’t see the
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