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chise jobs that were added in 2014.
The number of franchise establishments will grow this
year by 12,111, or 1.6 percent, to 781,794. Economic
output from franchise businesses is estimated to in-
crease by 5.4 percent over last year to $889 billion.
The gross domestic product of the franchise sector
is projected to rise by 5.1 percent this year, which is
faster than the 4.9 percent GDP increase forecasted
for the economy as a whole. The franchise sector will
contribute about 3 percent of the U.S. GDP in 2015.
The IFA Franchise Business Index – which is a mixture
of employment, sales and credit conditions – also rose
smartly, especially at the end of last year. In November,
the index was up 3.1 percent compared to November
2013, the biggest year-over-year gain since the start of
the Great Recession in 2008.
The outlook for growth among the different types of
franchises will differ, with quick service restaurants
ranking first and retail businesses ranking second in
terms of increased employment.
“With continued job gains, consumer spending will ac-
celerate creating the conditions for another strong year
of growth for franchise businesses,” said IHS Econom-
ics Senior Economist Jim Gillula.
IFA Names Michael Layman Vice
President of Regulatory Affairs
The International Franchise Association added Michael
Layman, a seasoned government relations and public
policy professional, as vice president of regulatory af-
“We are thrilled that Michael Layman will officially join
IFA to support our ongoing efforts to aggressively fight
back against the escalating workforce and labor-re-
lated issues that are threatening the existence of the
franchise model,” Caldeira said. “Michael is highly-re-
spected on Capitol Hill and he brings a wealth of gov-
ernment, corporate and trade association experience
to the IFA that will be integral in our advocacy efforts to
protect, promote and enhance franchising.”
Prior to joining the IFA on a permanent basis, Layman
worked for IFA in an of counsel capacity on workforce
policy issues since September 2014. Formerly, Layman
was a senior manager with Littler’s Workplace Policy
Institute. He also worked at the Society for Human Re-
source Management as manager of employment and
labor policy from January 2007 to August 2013. Lay-
man advanced SHRM’s views on employment, labor
relations and civil rights legislation with Congressional
offices and the administration, leading multiple nation-
al coalitions on employment and labor policy.
“I am thrilled to join the IFA, an organization rooted in
protecting a business model that has created jobs and
business ownership opportunities for so many Ameri-
cans,” Layman said. “During this challenging time for
the franchise business model, I look forward to work-
ing with IFA and representing small business owners
across the country and here in Washington.”
In addition, Layman served as chair of the National Co-
alition to Protect Family Leave, a coalition of compa-
nies and associations that supported public policy that
promotes voluntary, employer-provided leave benefits.
From 2001 to 2007, he worked on Capitol Hill, where
he served as legislative director for Rep. Tim Murphy
of Pennsylvania and professional staff member of the
House Government Reform Committee staff under
committee chair, Rep. Tom Davis of Virginia.
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