DeQuincy Industrial Airpark – DeQuincy, Louisiana

May 30, 2024

DeQuincy Industrial Airpark

Flying High through 2023 and Beyond


A Gateway to Economic Development in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana

For DeQuincy Industrial Airpark, it is not just about planes, it’s about potential. Located in Calcasieu Parish, a vibrant region rich with growth and opportunities, this airport has its ambitious plans for progress. Boasting a fleet of 19 aircraft, with ample available land for development, this airpark is preparing for an economic lift-off in Louisiana’s skies.


Fueling Growth and Progress

With a progressive growth plan, Airport Manager, Kyle Rainwater, describes the airport’s current situation. He says, “We get GA (General Aviation), corporate, and a small amount of military traffic who come here to do some maneuvers and different training. But mostly, as of now, we are more like a gas station. We’ve got some pretty cheap fuel here, and it is mostly GA that comes in for that. I get a handful of business jets that come in throughout the year for different types of meetings at a couple of the industries close to the airport here.”

With an eye to the future, he outlines a few initiatives aimed at fueling the airport’s forward-thinking vision. One is the development of a new land lease program, opening up the area for private investment, and generating revenue for the facility. “There’s plenty of opportunity for people to get pieces of property here if they want to build their hangar to store their aircraft,” Rainwater acknowledges. “We don’t have those means at the city and the airport. So, if we can open up that opportunity for people to do that themselves, it benefits them in the long run. They’ve got a hangar for a lot cheaper. After the initial investment, they don’t have to put up as much money every month to keep that property.”

Other initiatives include the application of a seal coat on the airfield, bringing new life to the airport. “That seal coat project makes it look brand new,” boasts Rainwater. “As asphalt ages it kind of shrinks and cracks and just looks bad. So, every so many years you can come in and do a crack seal and sealcoat.”  In addition, he says lighting will be replaced on the taxiway, contributing to the airport’s renewal.

Despite encountering some setbacks with initial plans, DeQuincy Industrial Airpark remains committed to improving its terminal and other offerings for clients. Although the original concept involving an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) partnership with the sheriff’s office did not materialize, Rainwater notes that funds are still available for the construction of a fully functional terminal. “It’s going to be smaller than the EOC, but it is going to be a nice normal terminal for a GA airport like this. We’re trying to bring that to the session with the capital outlay with the state,” he explains. “Then we have ten new T hangars in that, for the session as well. So hopefully, we can get both of those funded in the next few months.”

Operated by the city of DeQuincy, Rainwater says there is an Airframe and Powerplant (A & P) mechanic based on the field to help if a situation arises. “He’s pretty booked up with clients, but he is available for emergency-type things. We can give him a call and get him out here for emergencies,” he notes. “If somebody can’t leave until something is looked at by an A & P, we do have that on the field. So that is a great benefit.”

Educating the Future

One possibility for DeQuincy Industrial Airpark is the introduction of a flight school. Rainwater says discussions with Rock Solid Aviation are underway, as they look to expand into the area.

Collaborations with organizations such as the Louisiana Airport Managers and Associates group, are helping to spearhead initiatives focused on partnering with schools across the state, particularly those with existing aviation programs, such as Maxwell, Lake Charles, and LSU Alexandria. By bringing students to the airfield and exposing them to aviation opportunities, the hope is to inspire an interest in the field, helping to address the shortage of pilots and professionals.

Rainwater himself is also on the Chennault International Airshow Board of Directors, where scholarships are awarded biennially to support aspiring aviators. “I’m involved in trying to get in within the schools. I’m a pilot myself, so I see that shortage. I’m a firm believer that that shortage comes from people not getting out and showing kids that there are plenty of opportunities in aviation,” he asserts.

Economic Development

Home to entities such as Petroleum Services Corporation, a thermoplastic recycling company, Deep South Crane and Rigging Company, and W4, a family-owned warehouse and truss manufacturer, the airport is a major contributor to the industrial landscape of the area. Rainwater recounts, “The city years ago designated this whole part of the city as the industrial airport. It is situated in the perfect area for those industries, and for companies that want to move into the airport.”

The availability of land for sale presents opportunities for further industrial growth and development, as Rainwater relays, “There are two pieces of land in the industrial airport right now that are up for sale from the city. One of the sites is certified by LED and by the Southwest Louisiana Alliance, an economic development group.”

Led by a city council with a progressive vision, the city of DeQuincy is focused on attracting new businesses and embracing growth and innovation. “That’s the number one thing, just trying to find people that are interested in coming into our area,” he admits. “That’s been a primary focus here lately, within the city, is trying to get new businesses and keep getting people interested in our area. We’ve changed our mindset, and we want to see the city adapt and grow because that’s what every city should want.”

“The DeQuincy Industrial Airport and surrounding LED certified ready Airpark offer numerous advantages for individuals, businesses and industries seeking to visit or invest, including air and rail services, making it a great asset to the City of Dequincy,” notes Kim Rainwater, City Planner with the city of Dequincy.


A Vision for the Future

On a more personal note, Rainwater shares his aviation journey, which began with the purchase of an aircraft in 2021. “I was planning to get my private pilot’s license just so I could fly my friends and things like that. And I accidentally fell in love with it,” he shares. “I got my private license and just kept on going from there.” Progressing from his private pilot’s license to obtaining ratings in instrument flying and commercial aviation, Rainwater’s commitment to aviation grew. When the manager position became available at DeQuincy Industrial Airpark, his experience, and his position in the volunteer fire department made him the perfect fit for the job. “My life revolves around aviation now. I’m an airport man. And a commercial pilot,” he quips.

As for his vision for the future of the airport, he is focused on the potential for growth and expansion. “There’s tons of people that fly in here and tell me how much they love this airport,” he remarks. “They will invest in it if we present them with the opportunity. So that’s kind of my driving force here lately.”

His top priorities for the upcoming year include securing state funding for the 10 new T hangars, developing the land lease program, and advancing plans for a new terminal building. In summary, he concludes, “I’m just trying to open up more and more avenues for people to come in here and benefit from the airfield because the more people come out here, the more we benefit. I want to see DeQuincy succeed and continue to be a great place to fly out of. I’ll be using this airport for years to come, even if I don’t stay in this position. So, I want to set it up for success in the future.”

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DeQuincy Industrial Airpark

What: A general aviation airport with growth on the horizon

Where: DeQuincy Louisiana



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