Business View asked some busy executives, “When you read a book for pleasure, what format do you prefer – digital, audio, or print – and why?”

September 1, 2021
Business View asked some busy executives

Scott Wilson, President & CEO SeaComm Federal Credit Union, Massena, New York:

“It’s an interesting question because I prefer a hardcover book. However, I do have Kindle so that when I’m travelling, I don’t actually have to carry a book. I’m 52 years old, so I’m in both worlds. I still like to write things on Post-It notes but I use my electronic calendar extensively. And I’m sort of like that with my book. I can read it online – and when I travel I like having that – but when I’m home or at the office, I like having a hardcover book.

I read the Wall Street Journal and I have it electronically for when I’m out. Like when I was on vacation, the hotel didn’t have it so I read it online, begrudgingly, but I prefer to have my Wall Street Journal nice and crisp like my daily newspaper in my mailbox.”


Jan Leighton, President Arizona Association of Realtors, Pheonix, Arizona:

“Up until about two years ago, I would swear I’d have a paperback book in my hand. And I switched to either Apple or Kindle a couple years ago and I’ve never looked back. I travel a lot because of obligations with the Association, so it just became easier to download the book onto my iPad Mini, which is what I use to read, and stick it in my purse. Rather than carry a book that I knew I was going to finish and then have to either carry it with me or leave it somewhere. In fact, I use my Kindle Unlimited subscription, $10 a month, so if I’m reading for just entertainment, I can download a book and if I don’t like it, I just give it back. 😊”


  1. Wade Johnson, President Durden Banking Company Inc., Twin City, Georgia:

“Print. My fingers like the feel of paper. I think it depends on how you start – the age and the generation. In my first job, I was a bank auditor for four years out of college. So I travelled all over the southeast, flipping through files… you learn to flip paper so quickly to find the things you’re looking for. We went to a complete digital filing system a few years ago, but I still miss going to the long vault and grabbing that big, long file looking for certain paper documents. I learned how to click the mouse, but I still don’t like clicking the mouse. Every book I read, when I have time to read, is real paper.”


John Roddy, CAO St. Clair Township, Ontario:

“I still buy print books, I like to have that book in my hand. You know, when you’re on vacation and sitting on the beach, it seems easier to read an actual book. I read enough things on my computer screen at work and it drives me crazy. So, I really don’t want to go home and bring out a Kobo and start reading off the tablet. It just doesn’t seem like reading a book to me.”


Dave Nafie C.M., Acting Director Ventura County Airports, Ventura, California:

“I read it on my iPad and that’s because I can have my entire library with me all the time. And I can have several books that I’m reading simultaneously. When I travelled more than I do now, that was huge. So I love it for the flexibility and the fact that I can take the thickest book you can think of and stick it in the tightest space you can think of. But I do love books; I have lots and lots of books that I love to display and handle, including some really old, interesting heirloom books that date back centuries.”

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