375º Chicken ‘N Fries Experiences Rapid Expansion in Its First Month Of Franchising

August 1, 2023

***source- Franchise Growth Solutions, LLC, First Published June 22nd, 2023, republished EINPresswire.com


Two new franchises were awarded right at franchise launch date and another soon after that.

The first two new franchisees are customers who love the food. “One of them saw us on TikTok, so they came to try it out. The line was out the door. Now they’re opening their own restaurant.”

— Chef Stephane Lemagnen – Founder

As with most start-up franchise brands at launch, securing the first few franchisees can be the most challenging part of the development process. However, in this case, potential franchisees were lining up almost from day one. As a result, two new franchises were awarded right from the start and another soon after that.


Stephane Lemagnen is a professional chef and founder of 375º Chicken ‘N Fries, the town’s hippest, tastiest fried chicken joint. And not just any town, New York City, where there are over 23,000 dining establishments. It takes a lot to stand out, but the Chef and his team have done it.


Chef Lemagnen noted, “The first two new franchisees are customers who love the food,” he said. “One of them has a son who saw us on TikTok, so they came to try it out. The line was out the door, and they liked it enough to inquire more about it. Now they’re opening their own restaurant.”


New York Vibe, Attitude, and Flavor

375º Chicken ‘n Fries is a vibe. The menu is chef-inspired, made from halal, high-quality chicken that comes as a sandwich, popcorn style or tenders with various sauces and heat levels – all made in-house, from scratch. In their words, it’s “the juiciest, crunchiest chicken sandwiches around – with bangin’ fries and explosively delicious dips.” But the place is so much more than chicken.


With its hip vibe inspired by New York’s Lower East Side and Hell’s Kitchen, two neighborhoods known for their creativity and great food establishments, 375º Chicken ‘N Fries quickly became a favorite in the area and attracts locals as well as celebrities.


Putting The Right Team Together

Lemagnen went on to say, “Creating a franchise system takes time. There’s a lot to it. “Thankfully, we had the help of Franchise Growth Solutions as our development team and the legal support of Spadea Law. We’ve been working with their teams for a year and a half, ensuring our franchise system delivers the success franchisees expect.” Lemagnen assembled his team of franchise experts by engaging Franchise Growth Solutions, the nation’s premier franchise development and sales firm.


Gary Occhiogrosso, the Founder and Managing Partner of the firm, said, “Our entire team is excited to be the exclusive developer for the brand. We scrutinize every brand that requests to work with us; typically, we can turn down more than we accept,” Occhiogrosso continued, saying, “It was immediately evident that Chef Lemagnen was on to something. New Yorkers don’t typically get excited by new food establishments, but it was different in the case of 375º Chicken’ N Fries. With lines out the door, great reviews, hundred of thousands of followers on social media, and the type of excitement usually reserved for a rock star.”


Continued Growth On the Horizon

The team wants to double the size of the chain this year. To that end, they are opening a corporate location in Newark to handle the training and onboarding of franchisees. New franchise locations are coming in Brooklyn, Harlem, and Queens, while the original 375º Chicken ‘N Fries and corporate headquarters will remain in Manhattan.



About 375º Chicken ‘N Fries

375° Chicken and Fries is a High-Quality, Quick Service Restaurant Concept established in New York City’s Lower East Side in 2017. Created by Chef Stephane Lemagnen, the brand offers a unique one-of-a-kind franchise opportunity. With units in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens and Newark, NJ and Qatar, and Oman, 375 Chicken ‘N Fries is poised for rapid expansion throughout the USA Franchisees benefit from hands-on training, site selection assistance, protected territories, marketing, 3rd party financing, and on-going operational support.

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