Wally Rippel is Partnering with The State of California and Whisper Energy to Kill the Internal Combustion Engine for Good

November 7, 2020

Whisper Energy Systems, Inc., is proud to announce they are partnering with EV-1 Co-Creator and Tesla engineer Wally Rippel, and the state of California, to develop and manufacture the revolutionary, small I.C.E. eradicating, Whisper Energy Empower device (WE Empower). Wally joins Brian Jensen and Michael Gould at Whisper Energy to bring the WE Empower device to market with support from the California Energy Commission’s CalSEED Concept Grant.

Key Features: WE Empower

  • Zero-Emission, High-Power, Lithium-Ion power device that weighs 40% less than other devices in its energy class. An ultra-mobile, wearable, cost-effective, clean, and silent drop-in replacement for the extremely polluting and noisy small internal combustion engines (I.C.E.) found in portable generators, lawn and garden equipment, and outdoor power tools.
  • Ultrafast recharge in well-under two hours, compared to the industry standard of 6 – 8 hours, creating a backup power source and micro-grid solution for emergency power in the home or the field.
  • Operates any device that typically plugs into a 120VAC wall outlet, including high-power appliances with in-rush currents exceeding 70A

Just as Tesla has created a viable replacement for the large automotive gas-powered engine through its revolutionary electric vehicles, WE Empower possesses a unique combination of features that makes it the only true, zero-emission replacement for the small internal combustion engine. According to the California Air Resources Board, by 2030, the toxic emissions from small gas-powered engines will be twice the amount emitted from all passenger vehicles in California.

“Global warming is the defining issue of our coming generations. We know that small internal combustion engines cause vastly more pollution than cars and contributing to an effort which would combat this problem inspires me,” Wally Rippel said.

“We’re excited to partner with Wally and CalSEED to develop a device that will finally bring the small internal combustion engine’s long, loud, polluting history to a close,” commented Michael Gould.

“It’s hard not to be hopeful – despite acrimonious politics and frightening fires – when you see this slew of great startups coming up here in California with solutions for our energy and climate needs,” said Danny Kennedy, C.E.O. of New Energy Nexus’ CalSEED fund.

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