SourceHUB Launches New Version of Global Packaging Procurement Platform

July 6, 2020

Rolls Out New Content Series on Packaging Procurement: The Hidden Risk of Single Sourcing Your Packaging


Naperville, IL – SourceHUB, a provider of a collaborative technology platform for packaging procurement, announced the launch of an enhanced version of its platform, which helps global brands collaborate with distributors, manufacturers and service providers to deliver packaging solutions anywhere in the world. Packaging thinktank Smithers Pira indicates demand for the world packaging industry will reach $1.05 trillion by 2024, an increase of $155 billion over 2020. With the scope of the packaging industry growing at such a fast rate, there is a need for electronic procurement and servicing of packaging at points around the world.


“While the packaging industry is changing at a rapid pace due to a number of factors such as pressure

the pandemic has placed on the supply chain, more complex supply chains and the faster pace of

artwork changes, a lot of strain is being put on the global packaging ecosystem,” said John Moran, CEO

and founder of SourceHUB. “Our team has years of experience in the packaging procurement industry.

We have dealt with the headaches around the process and managing various internal/external

stakeholders. Our initial pilot customers tell us that SourceHUB squarely addresses the pain points they

face. Clearly, there is an urgent need for better collaboration in the procurement process and

SourceHUB was built to greatly simplify the process.”


The only offering of its kind, the SourceHUB platform enables all stakeholders in the

packaging supply chain to seamlessly work together on one platform to reduce the time, money and

effort involved in packaging procurement anywhere in the world. By allowing all stakeholders

in the process to automate workflows and centralize data, customers reduce time and money spent

managing the procurement process.


  • Order Management and Visibility – SourceHUB allows customers to take control over its global

supply chain to understand where orders are, including line item level tracking of production

status and retention of all-important order documents. Customers can schedule and manage

key tasks and decision points right within the system/platform.


  • Automated Spec & Artwork Approvals — Access mission critical information when needed 24/7

by automating and tracking artwork and specification approvals and revisions.


  • In-App Communication — Streamline critical processes with standardized workflows so the right

tasks are being done at the right time, with the right results. In-app messaging replaces

searching through emails and provides seamless communication integration into automated



  • Lead-time Analytics — Analyze supplier performance to optimize the packaging supply chain and

make improvements in future projects.


SourceHUB also launched a series of content pieces on its website that addresses several issues facing

the packaging procurement and supply chain industry. The first piece in the series is entitled The Hidden

Risk of Single Sourcing Your Packaging. A new installment in the series will appear every two weeks and

focus on providing advice to those interested in packaging procurement.


According to Moran, some SourceHUB users have seen efficiency improve and a 32 percent reduction in

errors by proactively responding to supply chain disruptions. “Packaging is so critical in commerce today

and it just keeps growing as an industry. The problem is many of the tools to manage the process are

archaic,” Moran said. “The challenge has been to make the procurement process smoother and make it

as real-time as possible no matter where you are in the world. That’s where we come in and while the

platform is important, our team’s years of the experience in packaging procurement makes our offering

even that more powerful.”


For more information, visit SourceHUB at

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