Live Music Industry Coalition Unites to Encourage Vaccine Awareness for the Safe Return of Live Events Vax4Live

May 4, 2021
Live Music Industry

The live events industry has been shuttered for 13 months, and the results have been devastating. Clubs have gone quiet. Festival fields are empty. Symphony halls are silent. Theater lights remain dimmed. Musicians can’t play in front of their fans. Artists, managers, booking agents and touring crew are sidelined. Sports stadiums host only half of their fans. Venue marquees are dark. Music lovers and fans sit at home streaming or watching virtual concerts, helping where they can.

Fortunately, the largest vaccination campaign in history is underway and hope is on the horizon. An average of 3 million administered vaccine doses per day are being projected for the month of April. While this is an encouraging start, there is still a long road ahead before a safe return to normalcy.

Enter Vax4Live. The National Independent Talent Organization (NITO) along with several partners – AEG Presents, Bandit Lites, Fox Theatre Atlanta (GA), Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM), the Independent Promoter Alliance (IPA), Red Light Management and Universal Attractions Agency – are launching a national campaign to encourage music and other live event fans to get the facts about vaccines so that the U.S. can safely return to live events.

Vaccination initiatives continue to face scrutiny and trepidation from the public. This hesitation coupled with an abundance of misinformation and lack of vaccine availability hinders the collective ability to move confidently towards a safe return to concerts, festivals, sporting events, theater productions and all of the live events we so desperately miss.

Vax4Live launched Apr 22, 2021, with the goal of spreading awareness, gathering support, acquiring partners and preparing calls to action and initiatives that will provide guidance, resources and factual information regarding vaccination efforts and how we can safely return to live events.

“The initial phase of this campaign, coinciding with the website launch, will focus on getting the word out as far and wide as possible, while providing sources to help answer questions and concerns regarding the vaccines. Vax4Live provides a central source through which information can be gathered and we can engage additional partners & organizations to further amplify our efforts.” – Wayne Forte, NITO / Entourage Talent Associates

“Equitable vaccine access and distribution are the only path forward for live events. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass enthusiastically supports the efforts of Vax4Live and the mission to get music fans properly educated and vaccinated.” – Sheri Sternberg, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

Use your voice to join us in spreading the word, not the virus. Help us #Vax4Live.

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