InVision Launches Post-Pandemic Events Solution

June 2, 2020

Created in collaboration with InHouse Physicians, CLEANevents facilitates bringing people back together again safely


On May 19, 2020, InVision Communications debuted CLEANevents, a proactive initiative designed to bring people together again safely in the wake of COVID-19 and to help revive the events industry.


A transitional solution developed in collaboration with InHouse Physicians, CLEANevents mitigates health concerns using proactive measures to alleviate pandemic exposure. The proprietary program comprises a mix of facility vetting, communications planning, content production and executional strategies—all in accordance with stringent safety protocols.


“The meeting industry cannot sit back and wait for COVID-19 to disappear. InVision and their CLEANevents initiative is a great example of what the industry is capable of doing to accelerate the rebirth of face-to-face events,” said Dr. Jonathan Spero, founder and CEO of InHouse Physicians.


CLEANevents takes a health security-first approach to safely bringing people together, implementing strict protocols to reduce health risks and anxiety for attendees, presenters and crew while delivering innovative, more impactful experiences for audiences. Strict health security protocols guide every level of service, and all personnel, procedures and venues must meet rigorous standards.


Under the CLEANevents umbrella, InVision will be rolling out three levels of service that facilitate a flexible and gradual approach supporting digital and face-to-face audience experiences: CLEANteams, CLEANstudios and CLEANexperiences.


  • CLEANteams: For those who prefer to record or broadcast from their own corporate campuses or preferred remote locations, CLEANteams can serve event organizers and presenters anywhere in the United States with exceptional production services. Available now, this option allows companies to create professional-quality branded content that can be shared with audiences digitally.


  • CLEANstudios: Rolling out in June, CLEANstudios will be pre-established studio venues located in major markets nationwide to provide up-leveled production capabilities, flexible staging options, varied delivery mechanisms and the opportunity to include a limited live audience.


  • CLEANexperiences: Slated for August, CLEANexperiences will enable clients to connect with live, face-to-face audiences of fewer than 500 people in a way that maximizes production value and minimizes health risks. With a semi-permanent residency in CLEAN-certified venues, CLEANexperiences will allow InVision’s clients to minimize time on site and realize cost savings, all without sacrificing the diversity of branding, sponsorship, staging and technical options that allow them to maximize engagement and impact.


CLEANevents are governed by a four-tiered approach to reduce health and safety risks:

  • Pre-Event Detection ensures the establishment and clear communication of health protocols and policies.
  • On-Site Detection involves comprehensive screening measures to mitigate the spread of potential viruses.
  • On-Site Prevention includes proper social distancing and regular disinfecting, among other critical measures.
  • On-Site Medical Response, facilitated by InHouse Physicians, ensures high-quality medical care is available on site and local urgent care is pre-arranged.


“InVision continues to be a leader in the audience engagement space,” said Drew Hagen, co-founder and Chief Culture Officer at InVision Communications. “CLEANevents will set a new standard for the industry as we proactively create solutions to help our clients connect with their most important audiences—today and in the future.”


Event organizers interested in leveraging CLEANevents for their transition back to face-to-face engagements should contact InVision Communications at 925.944.1211 or To learn more about CLEANevents, visit



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InHouse Physicians is committed to supporting people’s health and wellbeing—in the workplace and on the road. Created in 1992 to meet an unmet need in the corporate events industry, IHP provides access to convenient, high-quality medical care for attendees with acute healthcare needs. Its services have evolved to include on-site Duty of Care and risk management, employee health and wellness programs, permanent worksite clinics and more to drive employee engagement and fulfillment, improving productivity and boosting the bottom line.

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