Englobe triples its Ottawa production capability by opening a new laboratory

August 31, 2022
Englobe triples its Ottawa production capability

Englobe, a major Canadian engineering and environmental services company, operating in the areas of geotechnical consulting, construction inspection and materials testing,  instrumentation and monitoring, and environmental engineering, recently opened its new construction inspection and materials testing laboratory in the National Capital Region to better service contractors, developers, and infrastructure owners (see pictures below/attached). In doing so, Englobe is solidifying its key role in supporting Eastern Ontario’s rapidly expanding construction industry.

In 2020-2021, Englobe participated in 38 infrastructures projects listed among the 1000 biggest in Canada as determined by reNew Canada Magazine’s annual ranking. The last five years of construction in Ottawa have seen record growth.  This has resulted in an ongoing need for construction inspection, materials testing, and instrumentation and monitoring services. Now working at this new laboratory, Englobe’s local Ottawa team (of more than 75 employees) will ensure that the construction work undertaken by its growing pool of clients is of the quality they expect.

These services include:

  • Laboratory testing of soils and aggregates: CCIL Type C and D (grain size analysis, Proctor test, Atterberg limits)
  • Laboratory testing of hardened concrete: CCIL Type Q (Compressive strength of concrete and grout)
  • Field testing on fresh concrete: concrete and flowable grout
  • Field compaction testing and subgrade review: soils and aggregates
  • Reinforcing steel inspections
  • Geotechnical investigations and slope stability assessments
  • Instrumentation and vibration monitoring
  • Preparation contractor construction plans: Risk management plans, settlement monitoring plans, excess soil management plans, groundwater management plans, vibration plans.
  • Geotechnical consulting and peer review, legal support, and expert witness services

Englobe is an authorized dealer of Instantel monitoring equipment. Not only able to supply its vibration monitors, and geotechnical instrumentation, but also has the ability and expertise to customize, assemble, and program them according to the specific needs of its clients’ projects, which distinguishes the company from its competitors.

The new laboratory is:

  • 7 300 square feet and occupies the full first floor of Englobe’s new Ottawa Office.
  • Currently supporting contractors, developers, and owners on provincial and municipal infrastructure projects, federal lands, and private developments.
  • An addition to the existing 10 laboratories across Ontario and has contributed to the renovation of the Parliament buildings in Ottawa and Scarborough subway in Toronto, both of Ottawa’s current LRT projects, as well as the local Queensway improvements.

Englobe is ongoingly hiring to expand the new laboratory’s capacity and scope. There are multiple reasons why the new location is an attraction pole for Ottawa’s emerging engineering talents:

  • State-of-the art equipment (negative pressure rooms to limit dust movement within the laboratory)
  • Modern and inclusive environment with a diverse workforce that allows collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Vehicles provided so employees can go to the construction sites without having to use their own car
  • Rigorous Health and Safety protocols
  • Englobe is dedicated to the career growth of its employees

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