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November 30, 2023


Powering Tomorrow with Next Generation Energy Solutions


Cutting-edge battery technology meets comprehensive energy storage solutions, setting the stage for a brighter, sustainable future.

The quest for efficient and sustainable energy storage solutions is paramount in today’s rapidly evolving energy landscape. e-Zinc is a trailblazing entity that is revolutionizing the energy storage sector. Established in 2012 by visionary Dr. Gregory Zhang and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, e-Zinc has pioneered a groundbreaking electrochemical technology that leverages zinc metal for energy storage. This innovative approach, aptly termed “metalizing energy,” positions e-Zinc as a frontrunner in providing the most economical form of long-duration energy storage.

But what truly sets e-Zinc apart is its vision for the future. The company’s cutting-edge technology is not just about storing energy; it’s about reshaping the global energy paradigm. By offering a low-cost, flexible, and long-lasting energy storage solution, e-Zinc lays the foundation for a world where renewables predominantly power energy markets. This vision aligns with the global push towards a zero-carbon energy future, making e-Zinc’s contributions both timely and transformative.

For business leaders and stakeholders, the implications are profound. As the energy sector grapples with the challenges of integrating renewable sources, solutions like those offered by e-Zinc become invaluable. The company’s technology promises economic advantages and the potential to drive meaningful change in how we produce, store, and consume energy. As the world stands on the cusp of a renewable energy revolution, e-Zinc is poised to lead the charge, heralding a new era of sustainable and efficient energy solutions.

e-Zinc’s recent accolade from the World Economic Forum stands out as a nod to the company’s growing stature, as such accolades from prestigious organizations frequently signal a company’s influence and pioneering spirit.

James Larsen

James Larsen, the CEO, reflects on this honor with pride. “The World Economic Forum recognized 100 companies globally as Technology Pioneers, spanning various industries. The unifying factor was the significant impact they wielded in their respective domains. e-Zinc was one of the select few in the energy sector, perhaps even more uniquely, one of the handful in energy storage specifically. This recognition was an acknowledgment of our work and placed us in an esteemed league.”

Larsen shares his experience attending the Annual Meeting of New Champions in Tianjin, China. “Being amidst such a distinguished gathering and interacting with peers from other pioneering companies was humbling and exhilarating. It provided a broader perspective on the global innovations underway and underscored the significance of our contributions in the energy storage space.”

Zinc: The Unsung Hero of Energy Storage

Navigating the intricate maze of energy storage, one metal emerges as a promising contender: zinc. Its potential in the energy storage sector is not just a recent discovery; zinc was the metal chosen for the very first battery. Yet, its application in modern energy storage solutions, especially in the way e-Zinc envisions, is nothing short of revolutionary.

Larsen elaborates on the rationale behind e-Zinc’s choice of zinc as the primary metal. “The decision to use zinc is anchored in two main considerations. Firstly, the supply chain. Traditional battery materials like lithium and cobalt face supply constraints or geopolitical challenges. For instance, cobalt’s primary source is the Congo. As we gear up for an energy transition, the demand for these materials will skyrocket, leading to a potential mismatch between supply and demand. Zinc, however, is abundant, with hundreds of megatons in global reserves. Moreover, the robust recycling sector around zinc means that about 40% of the world’s annual zinc consumption is sourced from recycled materials.”

But the advantages of zinc don’t stop at its abundance. Larsen continues, “The second advantage lies in zinc’s electrochemical properties. We use zinc as an energy carrier, akin to fuel. Unlike traditional batteries, where the amount of lithium limits the duration, we’ve managed to decouple power from energy. Zinc serves as the energy, much like fuel in an engine. For a material to truly function as an energy carrier, it must possess four key properties: strong energy kinetics, high energy density, stability, and reversibility. While other elements might excel in one or two of these areas, zinc shines in all four.”

Reflecting on e-Zinc’s journey, Larsen shares, “The company was founded in 2012. Initially, it was a small team, with our founder leading the charge. When I came on board in 2018, I was the fifth member. At that time, the company had raised about $900,000. We’ve always valued frugality and careful financial management. Fast forward to today, our team has grown to 75 members, and we’ve secured capital nearing $100 million. The past five years have seen a dramatic shift in our trajectory, propelling e-Zinc on an accelerated path to commercialization.”

Stellar Additions to the E-Zinc Leadership

In the dynamic world of cleantech, a company’s leadership can significantly influence its trajectory. e-Zinc’s recent executive hires underscore the company’s commitment to excellence and its vision for the future. These new additions to the C-suite bring a wealth of experience and infuse fresh perspectives into the company’s operations.

Larsen speaks highly of the new executive team members, including Zaki Kabir, Chief Technology Officer; Balki Iyer, Chief Commercial Officer; Rob Howard, Chief Operating Officer; and Rhonda Landers, Chief Financial Officer. “All four individuals form our C-suite of executives, and their collective expertise is unparalleled. One of our shareholders even remarked that we have one of the strongest cleantech executive teams in Canada. While we’ve excelled in R&D, it became evident that we needed seasoned leaders who’ve navigated the complexities of commercializing hardware technologies. It’s a challenging endeavor, requiring tenacity, intellect, and experience.”

He continues, “Our CTO, Zaki Kabir, exemplifies this. He previously served as the CTO of a hydrogen fuel cell company, guiding them from an initial concept to a fully certified commercial product. His experience overseeing the entire arc of commercializing hard tech is invaluable.”

Larsen’s enthusiasm is evident as he discusses Rob’s unique background. “Rob, our COO, is a unicorn. We sought someone with both automotive and energy experience. Despite initial skepticism from our recruiter, we found Rob, who boasts over 20 years in automotive, managing plant operations and mastering manufacturing techniques. His expertise doesn’t stop there. Rob later transitioned to the renewable energy sector, gaining experience in solar and inverter companies. His journey, from early production stages to mass manufacturing, aligns perfectly with our vision for e-Zinc. His insights into the steps required to scale up will be instrumental in our growth.”

Larsen then shifts the spotlight to Balki Iyer, highlighting his impressive track record. “Iyer is no stranger to leadership roles. Having been groomed under GE’s leadership program, he’s helmed his own ventures and led successful startups. His most recent stint as the Chief Commercial Officer of EOS, a zinc-bromine flow battery company, saw him selling a gigawatt-hour of projects in a single quarter. His deep understanding of the market and ability to sell at such a scale is commendable.”

Larsen continues, “Then there’s Rhonda Landers, our CFO, whose expertise spans both public and private sectors. She has led IPO processes and has a keen understanding of strategic finance. Her ability to seamlessly integrate with Rob’s operations, Iyer’s commercial insights, and Zaki’s technological prowess is invaluable.”

“Having such a seasoned team on board has significantly lightened my load. Their collective experience marks a transformative phase for e-Zinc, setting us on a trajectory for rapid growth,” he says.

Strategic Partnerships: The Backbone of e-Zinc’s Success

Alongside a strong leadership team, partnerships often play a pivotal role in propelling a company forward. For e-Zinc, these collaborations have provided strategic advantages and fostered a culture of mutual growth and learning.

Larsen expresses his profound gratitude towards Toyota, a significant investor and upcoming customer of e-Zinc. “Toyota’s support has been invaluable. They’ve assessed our production process, integrating their renowned Toyota production system and Kaizen approach to enhance our operations. Their proprietary molding techniques, logistical prowess, and even a tour of their manufacturing facility in Cambridge have all contributed to setting a high standard for our team.”

Howard chimes in, emphasizing the depth of their collaboration with Toyota. “The strategic resources they offer will significantly accelerate our production and operational excellence. It’s a privilege to have such a sophisticated partner engaging deeply with us at this stage.”

Larsen continues, highlighting other key partners. “Naden Engineering, led by Mark Naden, has been instrumental. With his background in zinc-based energy storage, he’s been crucial in manufacturing power electronics for our system. Magna, a tier-one automotive supplier, has also been incredibly supportive, offering logistics, shipping, and customs expertise. We’re exploring further collaborations with them.”

Howard adds, “Magna’s vast knowledge in logistics and shipping has been invaluable. Instead of starting from scratch, we’re leveraging their expertise, and they’ve been a fantastic partner in this journey.”

Larsen concludes the partner roundup with a nod to Sun Grid Solutions. “They believed in us when we were in our nascent stages. As Canada’s leading system integrator, they’re positioned well to integrate our batteries into comprehensive systems for our customers. Their unwavering support has been a cornerstone of our growth.”

Charting the Future: e-Zinc’s Vision for the Next Decade

The mercurial world of energy storage demands clear vision and flexibility above all else. For e-Zinc, the roadmap ahead is not just about refining the current technology but also about expanding its horizons to offer holistic solutions in an industry that’s still finding its footing.

With a forward-looking perspective, Larsen shares, “We always begin with the end in mind. Our short-term strategies are firmly rooted in our long-term vision. Five years down the line, we envision e-Zinc as a fully commercial entity. We’re currently refining our technology, ensuring it meets all performance specifications.”

“Our upcoming 50,000-square-foot pilot-scale manufacturing facility, set to be operational by Q1 2024, marks a significant milestone for us. This facility will allow us to validate our technology in the field and refine our manufacturing processes. Once we’ve achieved this, we will focus on raising substantial financing to scale up and enter full production mode.”

He continues, “But our vision doesn’t stop at just being a battery manufacturer. The energy storage industry is still in its infancy, and customers seek comprehensive solutions. Over the next decade, we aim to transition from being just a battery OEM to a holistic energy storage solution provider. This shift will revolutionize the industry, making it easier for customers to implement energy storage solutions.”

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What: Innovative energy storage solutions provider focusing on zinc-based technology.

Where: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Website: https://e-zinc.ca/


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