Business View Magazine September 2018

144 145 on the ground with both employee and private contractor - that’s the best experience for the homeowner. For us, going into a new market and trying to build a labor force is pretty challenging. We put quality assurance at the forefront, so, our project managers are out working the jobsites, they’re the point of contact. It’s comforting for customers to know that our project manager is a Nu Look Home Design employee in a compa- ny truck and company attire, even though we sub-contract the installation. “We’re using quite a bit of technology. The introduction of products like Eagle View (satel- lite imagery for measuring) and Hover (based on pictures you upload to do housing mock-ups), not only increase efficiency for us, but increase accuracy in the measuring process.We also use a POS software called LEAP. Most of the industry is working in an archaic way, writing out contracts or emailing them, taking checks, or money or- ders, or cash to do the work. And if they’re taking financing, it isn’t always compliant. “Our solution allows us to go into the home and create a digital experience for the customer. It’s NU LOOK HOME DESIGN PREFERRED VENDOR n ABC Supply Co. ABC Supply Co., Inc. is the largest wholesale distribu- tor of roofing in the United States and one of the na- tion’s largest distributors of siding, windows, and other select exterior and interior building products, tools, and related supplies. Since its start in 1982, the company has grown to become a national organization with more than 700 branches and other facilities in 49 states. not totally remote sales –we are on site –but all purchasing is done virtually on an iPad; signa- tures, financing, credit card transaction. It’s all PCI compliant level one.We’re protecting customers’ credit and banking information and using sat- ellite imagery to make sure the cost estimate is accurate. Then, we deliver digital brochures and the digital contract into their inbox, where a cus- tomer feels more secure than us handwriting the information.” BVM: What does the future hold for your com- pany? Fingles: “One of the key elements in our five- year plan is to develop a customer portal that keeps the customer engaged throughout the process. You download the free app, schedule your appointment, and that becomes your portal for everything. It holds the contract, gives status updates, and you can reference it long after if you require service work. All communication would be done through project management software that gives total transparency to the customer. “We’re a pretty tech-forward company for our industry. Home improvement and home service represent three percent of the nation’s total econ- omy, yet our industry is so far behind the times. No one carries cash or checks, anymore. As Mil- lennials enter the market, other companies like us are going to have to evolve to POS software and ecommerce.We’re trying to be a trailblazer in that.”