Business View Magazine September 2018

146 147 PLENARY GROUP NORTH AMERICA BRINGING INFRASTRUCTURE TO LIFE S pecializing in public-private partnerships (PPP or P3), Ple- nary Group has a portfolio of 32 P3 infrastructure projects worth more than USD$13.5 billion across the U.S. and Canada. The com- pany provides innovative, sustainable infrastructure solutions using their holistic approach to finance, design and construction, complementary commercial development, and the ongoing management and operation of the asset. In North America, Plenary is the largest dedicated long-term investor, developer, and operator of P3 projects in the health, transportation, educa- tion, defence, justice, and government accommodation sectors. Brian Bud- den, President and CEO of Plenary Group North America, explains, “We began in North America in 2005 with AT A GLANCE PLENARY GROUP WHAT: Investor, developer and manager of public infrastructure WHERE: U.S. and Canada WEBSITE: