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Business View Magazine - June 2016 143
make sure to keep its historical character while being
able to support the modern amenities and festivals
that really bring the Green alive,” he says. “We’ve al-
ready changed out all the lighting on the Green with
new, energy-efficient LED lighting. We’re adding utili-
ties under it – electrical connections, fiber data, Wi-
Fi, water and sewer hookups. We’re also adding the
necessary backstage amenities that are necessary for
festivals and concerts.
“It’s an interesting challenge to take such a historic
and very traditional space in the center of town and
make it able to quickly support festivals and concerts
and things that attract thousands of people from the
region to our downtown, and be able to go back, very
quickly, to being a historic area. So, over the next two
years, we’ll have finished up all the renovations and
we think we’ll make the barrier of entry for large festi-
vals and concerts that much smaller, so that we can
have a lot more of them and really program the Green
solid during all of the fair weather months.”
New Haven, Connecticut might be one of America’s
oldest cities. But under the Harp administration, it cer-
tainly possesses the “secret sauce” that makes it a
true 21st century town on the move.
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