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Business View Magazine - June 2016 137
the Recession, and we have, what I would consider,
the ‘secret sauce’ to help our region grow,” she says,
proudly. One of the city’s recent, major initiatives was
a comprehensive building and rehabilitation program
for all of its schools. “We have completed 43 of our 48
schools,” she states. “They’ve either had major reha-
bilitation or new schools built. That’s a $1.7 billion pro-
gram. We have about three or four more schools that
we intend to do and are just waiting for approval from
our local legislative branch in order to move the next
ones forward. We’re really very proud of our schools
and the new infrastructure that they represent. We
think it’s been transformative in terms of jobs as well
as an inspiration to the young people who attend our
bright, new schools.”
Another infrastructure project that has helped the city
move forward is the redevelopment of the Route 34
New Haven, Connecticut
A city of 130,000
In south central Connecticut on the north-
ern shore of the Long Island Sound
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