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118 Business View - January 2015
BUSINESS VIEW: Talk about the history of the or-
ganization – in terms of how it’s evolved, was this
always the plan? Have things taken different direc-
tions based on circumstance or anything else?
In the mid-90s, a few of us held a one-day com-
pliance conference in Minneapolis. The experience of
connecting with others was so helpful we formed a
group called the Health Care Compliance Association
(HCCA). In 2004 we started the Society of Corporate
Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) to help compliance
professionals in all industries. In the last few years we
have begun to help compliance professionals all over
the world. From day one we discussed helping the en-
tire profession but we took it one step at a time and
as a result the organization is built on a strong foun-
dation. Our mission has always been to help people
understand the role of a compliance officer and the
function of a compliance program through education,
networking and certification.
BV: What sort of membership numbers are you at
and how has that changed over the recent past?
We now have about 14,500 members. About
9,750 are in healthcare. SCCE has about 4,750 mem-
bers. There are small number are from outside the
U.S. There are members from about 65 countries. The
30 minutes with the
CEO of the Health Care
Compliance Association
Roy Snell
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