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Business View - January 2015 121
different on any given day. They all have to be made
aware of all the opportunities. We send a lot of emails
and printed material because we have a lot of things
people can get involved in or learn from. We have more
than 70 conferences a year, three publications, many
audio conferences, expert videos, a document library
and many points of contact on social media. We have
more than 1,000 speaking opportunities, more than
300 writing opportunities and endless opportunities
to get involved in social media. We stay in touch with
our members through all these methodologies and of
course by phone and email. We print my phone num-
ber, (952) 933-8009, and my email – roy.snell@corpo- – everywhere and everyone is wel-
come to become engaged. One note of caution. If you
are interested in being on a committee to tell people
what to do, water down their ideas, slow down their
process and get something to put on your resume,
please call someone else. If you want to get something
done we will connect you with a staff member to help
and we will keep the committee guys out of your way.
BV: What do see happening in the next couple of
years, next five years – if you can look out that far,
what sorts of priorities do you have other than the
ones you’ve already mentioned? How do you think
things are going to evolve in the industry there be-
tween now and then?
As I mentioned, laws, risk areas and enforce-
ment activities will all change, but in reality it is all going
to be just the same. It’s fun to predict what regulations
will be important next, but it really isn’t important. We
will get wind of it, study it and use the compliance pro-
gram to prevent, find and fix the problem. What is go-
ing to be important is that the role of the compliance
officer will continue to expand into all risk areas. The
compliance officer role will manage all elements of a
compliance program. Most important of all, the role of
the compliance officer will continue to grow more in-
dependent from those who have a conflict of interest.
To be successful, compliance professionals need to be
responsible for all risk areas, manage all the elements
of a compliance program and be free from conflicts
of interest. Business is slowly going in this direction.
Hopefully in five years, we will have made material
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