BVM August, 2016 - page 61

Business View Magazine - August 2016 61
come Ben’s Soft Pretzels, the recipe for the provender
he hoped to sell didn’t come along with the shop. So,
the couple went to work, improvising and experiment-
ing until they came up with the recipe that was des-
tined to transform their lives and the pretzel business
as a whole.
Enter business partners Scott Jones and Brian Krid-
er, who met Ben one day and, after sampling some
of his wares, decided to start a business built around
the Miller’s proprietary recipe for soft pretzels. The
partners opened their first Ben’s Soft Pretzels store in
Elkhart, Indiana in May 2008. Within 18 months, they
Ben’s Soft Pretzels
Franchiser of soft pretzel outlets
Headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana
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