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vo León. This new Pump It Up will be an 11,000-square
feet, two-story building with spectacular views. The loca-
tion will also have an outdoor soccer field and an expan-
sive parents’ lounge, making it a truly one-of-a-kind ex-
perience. The two franchise owners have 20-plus years
of experience in business ownership with a strong back-
ground in children/family enterprises. Three more Pump
It Up stores are being planned for the Monterrey territory
over the next four years. “We’re on a nice little growth run
as a company,” Knowlton declares.
Knowlton agrees that “there are certainly a lot of differ-
ent concepts in the family entertainment category, but
we differentiate ourselves in a couple of different ways.
One – the private party is huge. It’s something that our
customers really like. The vast majority of our competi-
tors do not offer, or cannot offer it. You can have your kid,
their friends, and your adult friends in our facility going
throughout the entire experience, enjoying themselves
as a family and not having to worry about interacting with
other kids or parents.
“Secondarily is the uniqueness of our experiences – the
huge inflatables, our staffing, our safety record. Parents
come to know that we’re going to be well-staffed; the kids
are going to be safe; they’re going to have fun; they’re
going to be watched the whole time. It’s a quality environ-
ment, and a clean environment. And in the summertime,
it’s a cool, air-conditioned place to go to, to have some
exercise and have fun. And for a birthday party celebra-
tion, we feel that nobody does it better than us. We can
customize it for your child, your theme, your event, what
you’re looking for. You can have ten kids, you can have
fifty kids. It can be one hour; it can be three hours. We
can do all the food, gifts, and goody bags. It’s a stress-
free, party experience for the parents. You get the kids to
the store and we’ll take it from there.”
With these proven ingredients all working together, it’s
no wonder that Fun Brands has become a leader in the
family entertainment field. And in the end, Knowlton ad-
mits that working for Fun Brands, or being a Pump It Up
or BounceU franchisee, certainly has one obvious advan-
tage over many other types of enterprises: “Our custom-
ers always come in happy! So it’s a real fun business to
be passionate about.” That must be because we all love
our birthdays.
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