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cept of franchising its sign and lighting services. In
early 2011, it had launched its first franchise location.
Currently, the company has 45 franchisees, covering
80 territories in the United States and Canada. Young
says the goal is to have 300 North American franchise
territories open by 2019, with further plans to go in-
ternational. “We’re going to focus on English speaking
countries to start,” he says. “We’re working on some
potential deals in Australia and the United Kingdom
and we’ll get more aggressive with that development
as time goes on.”
Sam Fisher is YESCO’s Vice President for Business
Development. He is focused on building the sector’s
largest, self-performing network of sign and lighting
services, so any one of the company-owned locations
or its franchises can respond to a client’s needs. “It’s
a YESCO employee, it’s a YESCO uniform, it’s a YESCO
truck, doing it the YESCO way,” Fisher says. “We are
completely unique. No one else is doing what YESCO
is doing. On the sign lighting service side, we break our
efforts into two components. We’ve got the local busi-
ness opportunity – repairing the local sign owners, like
McDonalds, which is a franchisee, or a mom and pop
shop - and then we’ve got a national component and
we enter into contracts in that venue, where we’ll take
care of a thousand Bank of Americas, or six hundred
Star Bucks locations, and we’ll utilize our company lo-
cations and our franchise locations to handle that sign
and lighting repair.”
Fisher says that YESCO considers itself more of a “pe-
ripheral player” in the franchise space – it’s not fast
food, or retail, or quick serve – and it mostly finds its
franchisees within the existing sign and lighting indus-
try. “We gravitate toward folks or organizations com-
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