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“In addition, we bring our purchasing power,” Fisher
says. “So, as you interact with our suppliers and ven-
dors, you’re going to find that we have exceptional pric-
ing because of the leverage and volume that we have.
The other advantage that we have is the training and
support we can give because of our industry knowl-
edge and because of our history, our 96 plus years
in the sign industry. We can train even someone who
doesn’t come with any sign industry experience, and
get them to the point where they’re running a suc-
cessful sign lighting and service business.”
YESCO’s network also provides benefits to the compa-
nies it services. “If you are a large company, if you’re
Starbucks, you’re trying to service all of your signage
in your network and one way you can do that is by
contracting it out to several organizations,” Fisher ex-
plains. “Well, what we’re building is a network where
you’re just dealing with YESCO. We’re going to get the
job done and it’s going to be uniform, across the board,
instead of having twenty different ways of doing it.”
In the end, the fourth generation Young is bullish on
the future of the almost 100 year-old company. “As we
begin to increase our critical mass across the country,
in our ability to self-perform sign and lighting service,
we are already seeing an increased growth in that
business that we’ve never seen before,” he exults.
“Because of our history and the brand recognition,
there are a lot of regional and national-type customers
that want to have a single point of contact for their sign
and lighting service needs. And so, it’s getting people
in place so that we can truly see the revenue growth
potential of each of our individual offices expand, ac-
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