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vey our customers’ messages.”
Over the course of the last half century, YESCO has
continued to dominate the market in large, custom-
made electric signs. The company has expanded its
portfolio to include some of the country’s biggest cor-
porations for which it fabricates both one-of-a-kind
displays, such as Starbuck Coffee’s corporate head-
quarters sign in Seattle, Washington and the NBC Ex-
perience “message globe” in New York City, as well as
what Young calls “program work” - the replication of
many signs for multi-location clients such as the Ford
Motor Company, Bank of America, and McDonald’s.
YESCO has also designed signs, displays, and cutting
edge LCD video systems for theaters, restaurants, sta-
diums, and sports arenas.
“In the gaming industry, and increasingly in the are-
na space, we’re at the top of the list,” says Young.
Meanwhile, the company solicits business owners of
all sizes about providing them with sign manufactur-
ing solutions - especially when the
need is for a large or particularly
spectacular display. “We deal in
custom signs, large signs, very cre-
ative signs, integrated LED displays
into those signs, and that’s fairly
unique for us,” he says. “We’re
able to differentiate ourselves as a
sign manufacturer. The sign indus-
try has been traditionally fragment-
ed; you’ve got a lot of smaller sign
companies throughout the United
States. And a big reason for that is
the cost to ship or transport a large
sign is very prohibitive. You’re better
off working with a local or regional
company to build the product rath-
er than to ship it across the coun-
try. The exception comes when it’s
something so large that you can’t
find that capability at a local level.
And that’s when you go to a YESCO
to have that large sign built.”
YESCO has also grown over the
years through the acquisition of
smaller, regional sign companies, and by opening
company offices with state-of-the-art manufacturing
facilities throughout the western United States. Today,
the company has over 1,000 employees working in 47
company locations west of Colorado.
In the early 2000s, YESCO began exploring the con
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