Springfield, Oregon – Lane County

March 26, 2024

Springfield, Oregon

A Thriving Community of Growth and Vitality


Navigating the path to prosperity with sustainable development strategies

Located in the southern Willamette Valley, Springfield is a community teeming with opportunity, resilience, and pride. It’s characterized by lush, fertile farmlands and right-sized urban development, with a bustling downtown full of thriving businesses and vibrant street life.

As it grows, many of its residents and local government have begun to call it the “Big Town That’s Becoming a Small City.” Its safe, tree-lined neighborhoods are where families flourish and neighbors know each other by name.

In Springfield, innovation thrives and the warmth of community spirit permeates every aspect of daily life. Its success isn’t just measured in economic metrics; it’s measured in opportunities, connections, and the shared sense of Springfield pride that comes from building such an extraordinary community together.


A Community of Opportunity

Springfield embodies the best of both worlds for its residents. Nestled within its close-knit neighborhoods lies a treasure trove of comforts and a sense of familiarity that defines smaller-town living.

Yet, its proximity to urban conveniences and a robust business landscape offers the allure of big-city opportunities. Here, a business has the essentials to succeed- robust existing industries with room for more, access to the I-5 corridor, and a business-friendly local government.  Neighbors, whether personal or professional, aren’t just neighbors—they’re part of a supportive community where everyone plays a role.

“You can have a life, job, and home here that supports a family. People who stay here have the amenities to be able to live a full life,” says Economic Development Manager Allie Camp.

Historically known as a timber town, Springfield’s economy has evolved, embracing diversification as its guiding principle. While timber remains a cornerstone, the city has broadened its economic base to include education, healthcare, leisure, hospitality, and more.

This strategic shift proved instrumental during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing Springfield to weather storms resiliently.

“Our economy right now is so diverse that during the COVID pandemic, we [were] able to rebound faster than our neighboring cities,” Camp states, explaining how the town’s diverse lineup of industries has been able to bolster the local economy through even the most adverse situations

At the heart of Springfield’s economic success lies a tightly-knit business community, epitomized by the collaborative spirit of its award-winning Chamber of Commerce. Through initiatives like cross-industry dialogues and workforce development programs, businesses can forge strong bonds, share experiences, and drive innovation.

“In my experience, our Chamber of Commerce is one of the most interactive and inviting chambers. That’s where I find a lot of interconnectedness between businesses,” says Chamber of Commerce Board Chair and Astec General Manager Avril Watt.

For local businesses, the chamber has become a supporting institution for many of the solutions made to address the larger issues experienced by the economy in general.

For example, according to Watt, the rising national shortages in skilled labor, some industry sectors have even started to make shifts to their hiring practices with initiatives that support individuals who are on the path to being fully qualified for certain occupations.

As a result, Springfield’s leadership has developed a fantastic relationship with Lane Community College to continue to support the development of the town’s workforce in a way that guarantees its foundation and longevity.

Impactful Enterprises Driving Growth and Community Pride

Based on its degree of support, it’s clear that Springfield takes pride in its local businesses, recognizing their pivotal role in shaping the city’s identity and prosperity.

One of the town’s most long-standing institutions is Rosboro, a lumber company that develops a mass-produced engineered wood product called the X-Beam.

“They’re making a large investment in their plant here. They have been in Springfield pretty much since their inception as a company… this is a community that’s been working for them for decades,” Camp says, referencing the company’s most recent expansion efforts as evidence of Springfield’s viability as a town to do business in.

Additionally, innovative brands like Astec a manufacturing company, Rosen Sunvisor Systems, a worldwide brand for aviation goods, and Valley Contax, a custom contact lens producer, not only contribute to the local economy but also enhance the town’s presence as a resource to be leveraged by companies in neighboring cities and around the nation.

The investments these businesses make into themselves bring many benefits to Springfield and underscore a shared commitment to the town’s future, which undoubtedly helps to foster a sense of pride and belonging among residents.

However, business is not the only area of impact being made in Springfield. To support the future workforce, Lane Community College is also in the process of constructing two new buildings, the Health Professions Building  and the Industry and Trades Education Center, on its campus.

With this key infrastructure put in place, LCC is poised to provide students with a direct pipeline into Springfield’s medical economy while also improving the quality of the town’s future trade workers.


Revitalizing Quality of Life through Urban Renewal

As Springfield’s economic landscape evolves, so does its downtown core. With strategic investments from the Springfield Economic Development Agency, downtown Springfield is experiencing a renaissance, attracting businesses and residents alike.

“The Springfield Economic Development Agency (SEDA) has a program where we support some of the costs of new or redevelopment for folks that want to come in and build or redevelop in Springfield. Because of that, we’re seeing developers interested in bringing housing to downtown,” Camp says.

“In collaboration with its development community partners and the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of Springfield has cultivated a dynamic downtown. This vibrant hub offers chances to immerse in the arts, indulge in incredible food and beverages, and support local businesses through shopping. This successful fusion positions downtown Springfield as a “must-see” destination for visitors exploring the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region, as well as residents from across the Eugene-Springfield metro area,” noted Kari Westlund, President/CEO of Travel Lane County

“The City of Springfield has been on the forefront of addressing housing supply issues. When challenges do arise, City of Springfield’s pragmatic approach is refreshing. Their staff is willing to assist in finding an appropriate solution to keep businesses moving forward,” Deborah Flagan, Hayden Homes- Doing business in Springfield since 1992

The initiatives that SEDA supports like these housing development projects and infrastructure upgrades aim to create a vibrant urban center, teeming with life and opportunity. Springfield is strategic to incentivize what it wants to see more of.

All of this is because, beyond its economic prowess, Springfield is committed to offering a high quality of life characterized by safety, outdoor recreation, and community pride.

“We have just over 200 employees at this local Astec site, and about 60% of them live in or around the Springfield area,” Watt says, noting the ones who are most committed to maintaining that quality of life are the residents themselves.

With the thriving Willamalane Parks and Recreation district and a strong sense of community, Springfield beckons families and individuals seeking a balanced lifestyle amidst nature’s bounty.

Additionally, innovative brands like Astec a manufacturing company, Rosen Sunvisor Systems, a worldwide brand for aviation goods, and Valley Contax, a custom contact lens producer, not only contribute to the local economy but also enhance the town’s presence as a resource to be leveraged by companies in neighboring cities and around the nation.

With its rich history of innovation and manufacturing and a superbly talented workforce, Rosen Sunvisor Systems is proud to design and manufacture American-made products here in business-friendly Springfield.  By proactively pursuing business development initiatives, the City is a great partner to local business in fostering economic growth.”  Evan Arkin, Rosen Sunvisor Systems

That means things like road and sidewalk maintenance, and most notably in that area, the department is currently focusing on a plan to expand and renovate Franklin Boulevard, the major corridor connecting Springfield to its neighboring City, Eugene.

Additionally, the department has also completed the conversion of street lighting around the town to safer, brighter, and more efficient LED lighting to improve Springfield’s pedestrian and commuter experience.

Vision for the Future: Aspiring to Greatness

Looking ahead, Springfield’s vision is clear: to evolve while preserving its business and community-friendly charm.

“In 5 years, I think we’ve got enough in the pipeline and enough momentum to go from a big town to a small or even medium-sized city without losing that family feel that has been embedded within the Springfield culture and community,” Watt says.

With a focus on business-friendly policies, strategic redevelopment projects, and a commitment to growth, Springfield aims to become a beacon of opportunity for businesses and residents alike.

With the recent influx of interest in housing development downtown, Springfield’s leadership is diligently focused on delivering a large riverfront redevelopment project that will bring more housing, neighborhood-level commercial properties, and parks to the community.

At a glance, this town holds a strong appeal as a place that many should consider relocating their business or family to. Springfield is undoubtedly a community that has the best of many worlds and then some.

As the city continues to grow and thrive, its collective spirit remains unwavering, propelling it toward a future brimming with promise and prosperity.

Anyone curious about what it’s like to live in Springfield should simply see it for themselves; this town will leave you with an experience that you won’t soon forget.


Springfield, Oregon

What: A thriving community characterized by growth, vitality, and pride.

Website: https://springfield-or.gov/



President and founder of I&E Construction, Karl Ivanov, envisioned growing his community and neighboring cities using the highest level of service and most talented builders. Established in 1992 as a large-scale restoration niche, the company soon branched its multi-family and civil divisions – and has since developed over 3,000 multi-family units and 2,500 single-family and commercial lots (creating a circle surrounding Portland, OR, in the past ten years).

Seeking out large properties in expanding communities, Marcola Meadows was a bare 100+ acre lot residing within the lush natural beauty of Springfield, Oregon. After 20 years of stagnant growth and four separate entitlements, the city embraced I&E’s vision. Eager for I&E’s passion for enhancing small communities with a history of successful large-scale multi-family developments, Springfield agreed on a five-year scheduled completion period. “We needed to change the zones section-by-section to residential, single-family, multi-family, commercial, church and school, due to the previous big box commercial zoning, mitigate wetlands, and maneuver around three creek crossings,” states Ivanov, “but a city that supports the developer makes any project smoother, allowing us to complete one year ahead of schedule.” The development of Marcola Meadows has led to a continued story of growth for this community.

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