Orlando Businesses Tap Gig Economy for On-Demand, Flexible Staffing

March 3, 2020

Snagajob, the country’s largest platform for hourly work, recently announced the launch of Shifts in Orlando, Florida. Shifts by Snagajob helps business owners and managers to fill scheduling gaps and peak seasonal workforce needs with pre-qualified workers. The on-demand platform instantly connects employers with workers looking to staff open shifts in retail, restaurants, hospitality, entertainment and distribution. Shifts allows businesses to improve staffing efficiency, reduce over-hiring, and deliver a better customer experience. In turn, Orlandoans looking to earn extra income without interrupting their other priorities enjoy flexible hours and a variety of opportunities based on their specific interests, skill set, and availability.

“We used Shifts on Super Bowl Sunday to make sure our front-of-house team was equipped to deliver a premium experience to our restaurant guests,” said Greg Allowe, President and Managing Partner of The Delaney Hotel Orlando. “The first shift I posted filled in 30 seconds and all four shifts filled in 15 minutes. The workers were first class and a seamless extension of our team. I took the same approach for our Valentine’s Day special prix-fixe dinner.”

“Over the last 20 years, Snagajob has made significant progress in the Orlando area, helping to match 330,000 workers with over 10,000 local businesses in need of good team members,” said Blake Pinard, Head of Shifts at Snagajob. “We’re excited to bring Shifts to this market as it solves a key pain point for many. When you consider the full cost of an unfilled shift – added stress on your team, the potential for suboptimal customer experiences and lost revenue – creating a seamless way for businesses to quickly find a pre-qualified worker with confidence is a game changer. Through Shifts by Snagajob, we’re looking to hire 1,800 workers in Orlando in 2020, adding to the dynamic gig workforce in one of the nation’s fastest growing cities.”

With 1,500 new residents every week, the Orlando metropolitan area is one of the fastest growing in the nation, making it an ideal market for Shifts. Through the platform, Orlando employers are instantly connected with workers in the area who are pre-qualified with W-2 status. A robust vetting process means only top-quality workers are picking up shifts. By streamlining the hiring process, Shifts enables employers to quickly find the right candidates for posted jobs and helps workers discover shifts aligned with their skill set and lifestyle. In addition, workers can control their schedule and get paid weekly.

Companies working with the Snagajob platform in Orlando include small and large restaurant groups, retail, hospitality, entertainment, and distribution.

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