From the Editor – May 2020

May 7, 2020
From the Editor

As we all do our best to navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic and reflect on the outcome of the current global situation, the old adage “you can never go home again” certainly rings true. Ironic, isn’t it, since we’ve all been hunkered down for many weeks #stayingathome. The inescapable fact is that life as we knew it really has changed forever, no going back. But just think how great it would be if we could make our collective ‘new home’ a better, kinder place for everyone. That’s something positive to ponder.

Of course, after so much time off for introspection, people are anxiously questioning: When will we get back to some kind of ‘normal’? What will that look like? Will the economy, will my own business be able to weather the storm? The good news is restrictions are starting to be relaxed. Certain industry sectors are opening up, and if we play it right, proceed with immense caution and continue to listen to science-based recommendations from health professionals, we’re going to be fine. The whole business community, from small mom-and-pops to multi-billon-dollar conglomerates, have already shown amazing resilience and power to adapt to ever-evolving circumstances beyond their control. It’s this kind of innovative willpower and drive that guarantees a bright future on the horizon.

At Business View Magazine, we too have adapted. In the spirit of togetherness, our May issue features combined content from all three of our titles: Business View North America, Caribbean, and Oceania. Incorporating interviews conducted before the novel coronavirus emerged, we are shining the spotlight on a variety of companies and communities that have taken Innovation and Best Practices to the next level.

Our cover story on Destination Living showcases a homegrown success story in luxury custom home building from Melbourne, Australia. In Cleveland, Ohio, the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse celebrates superb achievement in the field of Sports & Entertainment, and Beverly Regional Airport soars above the rest in the Massachusetts General Aviation sector. Sustainability is top priority for the Iowa Sustainable Business Forum, while “Cereal City” aka Battle Creek, Michigan leads the way in food brands research and training. And Watco Tanks, Inc. in small-town Texas is a prime example of a third-generation family business built on customer satisfaction and pride of quality. We also cover Essential Services with an in-depth report from the Canadian Public Works Association, representing the importance of their front line workers in these challenging times.

As we tentatively dip our toes back into the realm of work/play/live, there is much to be optimistic about. So take heart… when all is said and done, though it might not be ‘business as usual’, the time will soon be right to dive back in with gusto.

Meantime, from all of us at Business View, be kind, stay well, and we hope you enjoy the read.


Lorie Lee Steiner

Associate Editor

Business View Magazine

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