Business View Magazine September 2018

42 43 M ichelman is a fami- ly-owned advanced materials company founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1949.“The company’s ex- pertise was built on dispersion and emulsion science,” says Industrial Manufacturing Group Marketing Director, Steve Bassetti.“From the beginning,we’ve been excellent at finding ways to put different materials into water to make wa- ter-based dispersions and emul- sions. In fact, the company was the first to develop a water-based wax emulsion that coats card- board paper for fruit and vegetable shipping and transportation. Since that application,we’ve expanded into a variety of markets including printing and packaging, traditional coatings, and fibers, textiles, and composites.” Today,Michelman has expanded MICHELMAN, INC. ALWAYS THINKING AHEAD MICHELMAN, INC. AT A GLANCE MICHELMAN, INC. WHAT: A family-owned manufac- turing company WHERE: Cincinnati, Ohio WEBSITE: