Business View Magazine September 2018

40 41 n Horizon Spa and Pool Parts, Inc. Horizon Spa & Pool Parts, Inc. is a Tucson owned and operated pool and spa parts distributor, catering to the repair parts and equipment needs of service, repair, construction, and retail companies nationwide. Founded in 1992, Horizon had already been very active in the field with fiberglass and gunite pool/spa construction, portable spa sales and instal- lation, portable spa repair, pool repair, and pool/spa monthly service. Then, it began stocking difficult to get parts, and today, Horizon has four distribution facilities and dealers in all 50 states. The company has the finest team of technicians and technical salespeople in the pool and spa industry and can assist its customers in many aspects of their construction, renovation, service, and retail businesses. n Little Giant / Franklin Electric The Little Giant brand, manufactured by Franklin Electric, offers an industry leading collection of pool cover pumps and pool clean-out and maintenance pumps that provide easy water removal and exceptional protection for virtually any pool. We also offer a complete line of utility pumps, pressure boosting systems, lawn sprinkler pumps, decorative water products, aquarium pumps, and hydroponic products. n Canadian General Tower Ltd. n TenCate Geosynthetics N.A. made up of six-foot wide materials that are seamed together and custom-designed to fit every pool in any backyard.We get measurements from the dealer and we fabricate it very similar to how you would get a custom suit made for yourself and tailored to your needs and body measurements. It’s a similar process for us, only we’re building 1,600-sqaure-foot liners, instead of suits.The seaming process allows us to be inno- vative and differentiates us from our competitors. Our slogan is: The strongest seam you’ll never see. We have produced over 500,000 vinyl liners with that seaming process, and now,we’re focused on the ‘strongest’ piece of that tagline- the strongest seams you’ll never see.The benefit of the new technology is that our seam separation is now guaranteeing a pool that will be defect-free.” Latham Pool Products is ICC-certified and all of its employees–currently over 1,200 across all its loca- tions -go through a rigorous training process upon entry into the company with ongoing, cross-training sessions. Fox says that the company will be coming out with some new products in 2019, focused on the growing popularity of in-pool tanning ledges. “It’s a growing trend,”he states,“so we’ll have two or three newmodels with tanning ledges inside of our pools.” Both Fox and Cappiello stress that the company stands behind every pool it manufactures and every dealer it contracts with.“The structural integrity of our products is extremely important to us,” says Fox.“The success and service of our dealers to our customers is important, as well.”“This company has been here for 60 years,” adds Cappiello.“So home- owners can always rely on us. It gives them price- less piece of mind.” LATHAM POOL PRODUCTS, INC. TenCate Nicolon ® pool cover fabric is made of lightweight, durable woven polypropylene mesh fabric. It has a high shade density that significantly reduces the growth of algae. Providing maximum strength and dimensional stability, this product is available in many colors, widths, and constructions, and is resistant to UV, Chemicals and water absorption. The finishing treatments used on TenCate Nicolon®pool cover fabric guarantees quality, consistency, and an attractive appearance. •Maximum light blocking to prevent algae growth •Durable and long lasting •High drainage capacity •Non-absorbent •Chemical resistant The difference TenCate Nicolon® mesh pool cover fabric makes is: Tel: 706-693-1819 PREFERRED VENDORS