Business View Magazine September 2018

356 357 products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.) “It’s a very hard certificate to achieve. The protocols are extraordi- narily high, but it allows us to sell our products at a significantly higher number, because with that comes a significantly higher cost. So, we’re going to be playing in that.” “We do see a lot of changes coming in the indus- try,” LeBlanc concludes. “How it ends up, we’re not a hundred percent sure. But, we do have a constant line of communication with Health Canada and the aspects of what they’re doing, moving forward. And the system that we’re using–we own the can- nabis rights for North America, so it would be very hard for people to duplicate what we’re doing. The bottom line is we’re doing it green, it’s cost-effec- tive, it’s better than organic, and we’re growing it cheaper than all our competitors.When you put all of that together, that makes me a difference maker in the industry.” PREFERRED VENDORS n Ausabis Group // Cannenta Clinic , The Ausabis Group, soon to be known as the Cannenta Clinic, is invested in the ongoing development of Medical Cannabis products available to patients, globally. It backs re- search into further developing these products for its patients and health professionals. Ausabis Group works with medical professionals, including doctors, nurse practitioners, and pharmaceutical representatives in order to educate the Med- ical Cannabis public to ensure safe and effective methods of prescription are conducted when administrating the Medical Cannabis globally. Its commitment to its patients goes beyond securing them a medical cannabis supplier but also extends to providing cannabis education and consumption guidance. This includes alerting patients as to whether they already qualify for medical cannabis coverage under their current health plans. n BUCHI Corporation n Kalos Engineering Inc. n Schilthuis Construction Inc. n Halco Mobile Manufacturing Sales & Serv. Proudly Canadian, serving Ontario since 1952 • Design Build • Construction Management • General Contracting • Project Management 23 Industrial Drive Caledonia, ON N3W1H8 Phone: 905-648-2311 Email: Website: Generations of Quality Proudly Canadian, serving Ontario since 1952 Generations of Quality 23 Industrial Drive Caledonia, ON N3W1H8 Phone: 905-648-2311 Email: // Website: n Design Build n Cons ruction Management n General Contracting n Project Management At Halco Portables, we have over 30 years of experience providing our customers with the best portable washroom solutions. Our drivers and staff pride themselves in the cleanliness and quality of our products & services. We can solve all of your tempo- rary or permanent washroom needs with some of the most innovative products manufac- tured in house. We serve all of Southern Ontario with our very unique self contained wash- rooms that are designed not to freeze in the winter. Have a look at our website to see what we have available for you today. We are here to help with all your washroom needs. GREEN RELIEF