Business View Magazine September 2018

354 355 GREEN RELIEF ers are already involved in expansions and we should be able to take up the slack. I’ve got another facility in Grimsby that we’re building out, and we just bought an- other 100,000-square-foot building that will be operational within four months to produce another 50,000 pounds per year.We’re not the only ones going through an expansion phase to accommodate that market.” “But the lowest-cost producer, producing the best product, is going to be the producer that remains standing when it’s all said and done,” he adds. “And right now, we boast some of the lowest production costs of any LP in Canada. We have no cost for fertilizers; we run a hun- dred percent LED lighting throughout all of our facilities; we’re consuming 35 to 45 percent less power than our competitors; and it’s done using one tenth the amount of water. We’re also moving to- wards some other green initiatives that will lower our power costs, moving forward.We will be one of the lowest-cost producers in Canada, bar none, and producing the best organic product there is.We will be one of those dominating the industry.” While LeBlanc expects to make a lot of money in the recreational market, he insists that Green Relief will use those some of those profits to continue to fund its research in the medical and scientific fields. “We’re doing some stuff regarding our oil separations,” he notes. “We want to create specific medicines for specific ailments. Also, we want to be able to supply under a GMP protocol to pharma- ceutical companies because they are going to be jumping into this game soon, for sure. And when that happens, we want to be the one that they come to because that product going to pharmaceutical companies will be sold at an extremely high rate because it’s GMP-cer- tified. (GMP, which stands for Good Manufac- turing Practice, is a system for ensuring that